How much do we owe Trips?

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  1. Since he has been handed over the reigns by Vince?

    Let's face it, he has always been a Bryan guy. He is also the main reason we now have NXT wrestlers frequently debuting and been given a fair share of air time on Raw. I'd wager that at least 50% of the reason that the YES movement is so strong, is because Trips made Bryan get so over with his fantastic heel work. The entire authority storyline has pretty much carried WWE for about 6 months leading up to WM and this weekend has taken my back to the good old days of my childhood.

    My question is, after all these years of hatred from the net and IWC, does H finally deserve a lot of credit for helping turn around WWE over the last 18 months or so?
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  2. We owe him everything. Triple H is God.
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  3. Triple H is the best pro wrestling legend in WWE, WCW, ECW hell all wrestling history. All Hail The King of Kings, all hail Triple H.
  4. If you think the Bryan WrestleMania win was the plan all along then you're very wrong. I'm not going to get into the reasons why (his size and look, SS buy-rate, whatever), but it's pretty clear that Bryan was being moved back into the mid-card at the end of last year. They had Big Show, and to a certain extent the Rhodes bros, completely overshadow him in the authority angle. After that, they put him in a long-term feud with The Wyatts, who were barely over at this time, with Bray winning the final match. You could say that Brock and Batista were both brought back in January to help to divert attention from Bryan too. Also, Punk was obviously set to face Hunter at WrestleMania, while Bryan was rumoured to be in an undercard match. It worked out well for them in the end, but WWE didn't expect Bryan to keep getting these reactions from crowds and tried to stop it. Both kayfabe and IRL, Vince etc were trying to bury Bryan.
  5. For what it's worth, I've never understood the hatred the IWC has for HHH. It's always seemed a bit unreasonable, particularly given that there isn't a WWE fanboy (or probably a fanboy for any wrestling promotion, for that matter) who, if given the opportunities he has been given (not to mention that he earned the grand majority of those opportunities by being one of the hardest-working and most dedicated pro wrestlers in the business), wouldn't do things the same way he's done them.

    In fact, I take that back. Most fanboys would have booked themselves to become WWEWHC and make themselves the center of the storyline. This is why it's 90% of the time a bad idea to have a booker also be able to actively wrestle. HHH put himself into a logical position given his history in the business and allowed the "younger" talent (all three of the guys in that match have been in the business a shorter time than he has and two of them will be active wrestlers for another 5+ years barring injury) to be the center of attention. In the process, he took a guy who, a year ago was mired in the midcard and allowed him to flourish into a main event talent. Levesque is a genius when it comes to the wrestling business and we owe him a debt of gratitude.

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  6. I think Triple H Is one of the best heel of all time, and he does have a vision of WWE a little different from his father-in-law, not taking anything away from vince, he was a genius in his own right, but quite stubborn when it came down to how to organize the talent. Trips seems to have a better feel of the crowd(this may come from the fact that he was actually a regular and accomplished wrestler) and how they will react under certain circumstances. Even though he has his flaws, overrall I think he is leading the product in a good direction
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  7. On your knees dog! All hail!

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  8. Yeah, any hatred the IWC has for Hunter should be gone. Now that he's getting more and more power young talent is getting more and more spotlight, and he just put DB over clean (and will probably put Reigns clean in the near future too). So in addition to that, he's also the best heel in wrestling today. As far as this Bryan deal goes, we owe him a lot. And for the record I've always been a mark for the guy.
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  9. Isn't NXT a lot to do with Trips as well? I say this as the majority of the guys down there aren't the stereotypical look. Which inclines me to think HHH had a lot to say about Bryan and how to make it work, after all the crap that went on with Batista and Punk etc....
  10. Yeah, HHH is basically NXT's Vince. All this developmental overhaul we've had over the last few years is Hunter's work.
  11. Thought so was just clarifying. Like I said the guys down there aint stereotypical WWE look so it makes sense if HHH helped the Bryan push along.
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  13. Trips is a champ. His current run is fantastic.

    Fuck smarky shits complaining about 'burials' and such. They hear some rumors, read some dirtsheets and suddenly they know the ins and outs of the business.
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