How much does the presentation bother you?

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  1. By presentation I mean the titantron layout, the pyro, the rope colour, and things like that. How much do those things help make a show for you? I didn't think it was much, until I watched NXT, and realised that their presentation is amazing. The black/yellow helps present a badass wrestling feel, and the black ropes during the AE were also epic. Maybe I'm just a sucker for black ropes. Also, the house shows have cool layouts - different to the TV shows - which is pretty awesome as well.

    Anyway, does it bother you? Or do you not even notice?
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  2. The big stage and gigantuous tron is cool and all but it kind off makes it too much of a spectacle at times. Presentation is a big factor in my book. NXT has a great set up right now with their dedicated space at Full Sail.
  3. It a big deal to me, I used to HATE the live event set up and sometimes it was annoying when I was going to events, But now with the set up you get pyro at the beginning and through out the show and the trons help too.
  4. If a show has a bad presentation I don't feel like watching it tbh.
  5. Well, I think one of the things that makes WM the biggest stage of the wwe are the awesome entrances.

    And I agree with you. NXT stage is awesome
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  6. The presentation is pretty important. That's why it's hard for me to go back and watch really, really old wrestling shows from back in the day, even just as far back as those monthly MSG cards that were taking place in the mid 80's after Hulkamania began (several of those are available on Youtube.) There were no titan trons, no fireworks, no theme music (most of the time, if you go back far enough), etc. I realize that this was the norm then, this was before the big money started coming in with allowed for far improved production values, but still, it makes it feel too low rent compared to this day and age. (And yes, this was at least slightly the reason why I didn't care for the old ECW, and certainly a big reason why I don't care to watch an Indies match, though there's factors there, too.)

    It also goes the other way around, as sometimes the show can seem a bit too colorful. I said in a thread a couple of weeks ago how much the Raw stage (and Smackdown too, but I miss it most Fridays, but I'm gonna assume it's just like the Raw stage, except with the Smackdown logo) seems too much like a big PPV stage. Wrestlemania obviously stands out even more than the other PPVs because of a much larger abundance of fireworks and pyro and the larger stage and the stadium which gives the show the big feeling of being a spectacle. By the same logic, the other PPVs should stand out more than the weekly shows since they happen once a month (as opposed to two or three times a week) but looking at how big the ramp is and how bright and colorful the Raw logo is, it just looks more like the production value of a PPV every week. That's why I love the old school Raw set. Just a titan tron and a walkway (no ramp.) Very simple.
  7. Don't notice things like the stage or ropes tbh unless it is a special set for a big PPV or something.
  8. I don't really notice it most of the time.Sometimes it comes to mind and it's a bit annoying but honestly I normally don't care.
  9. A good stage to me doesn't mean all electronics. It could have a structure like he fist in the old Smackdown arena. I loved the hell out of that stage.
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