How much does WWE make from PPVs?

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  1. On average, depending on the amount of pyro they use, it takes around 65,000 PPV buys to break even, so making no loss nor profit.

    The average PPV buy-rate is around 180,000 for 8 of the 12 PPVs, with SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and Wrestlemania all doing higher.

    So 8*180,000 = 1,440,000 buys.
    8*65,000 = 520,000 buys in 8 PPVs to break even.

    So subtract them numbers and you're left with: 920,000 buys PROFIT.
    The normal price is $44.95 for standard definition and I believe it's $54.95 for HD. We'll go with them all being SD, to find the MINIMUM profit.

    So 920,000 * $44.95 = $41,354,000 PROFIT (roughly) on those 8 'B' Class PayPerViews.

    So SummerSlam normally does around 340,000 buys.
    Survivor Series normally around 350,000 buys.
    Royal Rumble normally around 470,000 buys.
    Wrestlemania normally around 1,000,000 buys.

    So they equal too: 2,160,000 buys for those 4 PPVs.

    Normally the pyro on these shows are more extravagant, especially Wrestlemania, so we'll say around 85,000 buys are needed to break even.

    So they need 340,000 buys to break even.

    2,160,000 subtract 340,000 = 1,820,000 buys PROFIT.

    1,820,000 * $44.95 for SD quality = $81,809,000 PROFIT

    So $81,809,000 PLUS $41,354,000 (from the other 8 PPVs) = $123,163,000 PROFIT from the years PPVs.

    Not bad eh?

    Obviously these figures aren't 100% correct and are based on previous buy rates however they're fairly accurate.
    This also MIGHT not include PPV renting etc because WWE doesn't actually release the cost of that, but it's still fairly accurate.

    Not bad for 37 hours of PPV a year :')
  2. Holy crap that's some profit... probably inaccurate though because I'm sure if that's what they get per year JUST on PPV's, Vince would be a billionaire which he's not. Still incredible money coming in though.
  3. It is, believe me.
    They make a killing on PPVs, and Vince is worth around $740 million, but the company is worth much more.
    And he holds majority shares in the company.
  4. That's incredible. Wish they'd spend more time developing gimmicks/characters than concentrating on airing PPV's every 3 weeks with no build up.

  5. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the WWE sucks.