How much has AJ vs Kaitlyn helped the Divas' Division?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. (Posting in Smackdown + NXT since a lot of the Divas' talk involves the NXT girls, and all the optimism that comes from there. Feel free to move it.)

    Before this feud, we all know what the Divas were like. "Piss break" "waste of time" and "Tits or GTFO" were probably the most common phrases surrounding it, but after they had their first legit feud, first string of good matches, and first semi-over character in forever, how much has the division as a whole been helped?
  2. Considering AJ vs Kaitlyn at MITB was the first divas match I paid close attention to since who knows when, I think it's helped. NXT literally has 5-6 great diva talent and once they're called up, the WWE divas division is really going to thrive just like the old days and there is no doubt in my mind about that. Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Bailey, and Summer Rae are all great and have proven to be the next generation of successful divas.
  3. It's helped a lot. It's been the first feud in a while that has had people interested in the division, has been telling a good story and having good matches (Payback>MITB but yeah, still beats what we had before), but I'm really not sure it'll cause a massive change or everything. After we're done with this we'll get back to the crappy stuff I think.
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  4. Particularly AJ and Kaitlyn's feud brought interest back to the division. While they've helped develop and legitimize their own careers, I think the rest of the Divas division still needs work. Outside of AJ and Kaitlyn, I think the rest of the division is struggling to get interest and hype in their matches and development in general with their characters. While I think the AJ/Kaitlyn is a great step in the right direction, I think a lot of work still needs to be done with the rest of the Divas division to solidify the rest of the roster.
  5. It has made me want to pay attention to the women matches more but they have a ways to go to improve it. I would can the whole "Divas" thing because that phrase was hot in like 2006-2007 and the belt needs to get back to an actual women's title. I think once the company starts caring the fans will.
  6. They havent helped at all. Kelly Kelly/Beth Phoenix feud is what made fans take notice
  7. You mean the feud back in 2011? I'll admit that got my attention.

    Then Kelly Kelly won a match and the angle completely died with the snap of a finger.
  8. I wouldn't say it has helped that much since once this feud ends (which judging by what is going on with AJ now it might already have) then what?
    Bringing in new exciting divas with characters that gives you a reason to care will help much more in my opinion. AJ and Kaitlyn are laying the groundwork I guess.
  9. I think it helped AJ & Kaitlyn, I couldn't name another Diva, there are a couple of twins I think.

    It's never going to be like when we had Lita & Trish Stratus again..

    I think overall the wrestling hasn't moved on much, AJ & Kaitlyn are clearly the best wrestlers out of them all, but it's still a big x30 fast forward when I'm watching on Sky+, apart from the pause when Kaitlyn's nipple slipped out on Smackdown.
  10. I would guess at not at all, yeah they swapped a couple of nice promos, had a couple of semi decent matches, but at the end of the day not many shits were given tbh, you just gotta look at what TNA are doing in the knockouts div atm and you know it blows this shit well and truely put of the water
  11. Probably helped for a couple weeks or so, but it's going to mean jack shit in the long run lol. The feud will eventually die, and then what? And honestly the match at MITB was pretty damn weak, I doubt it made many shit themselves in excitement.

    And for the record, I personally still don't give a shit. I don't care for this feud at all, but I'm probably in the minority seeing as Aj doesn't give me a boner and I don't think either chick is ALL THAT great in the ring.
  12. Nothing sustainable. It elevated it temporarily, that's it.
  13. You sir are too stupid to insult.
  14. Nothing too ground-breaking. Yeah, I was interested in the feud, but I'm also interested whenever Santino comes out, lmao.

    Again, I use this example. Would one single player of a sports team make you interested in the team itself? No. Most people would categorize that as a shit team and that's how I'm seeing this division. As long as the majority sucks, I see no progress. Yes, majority of the team has the skills and talent, but they're always on the bench waiting their turn. And even if they do get their turn, more often times than not, whatever they're doing doesn't really showcase their talent too well or at all.

    And apparently WWE thinks their female roster's talents are bitching at each other, crying and sexing the males, soooo, I have plenty of faith in this division and hope it thrives to be the best that it can be! You never know, it might even have better ratings than Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With the Kardashians COMBINED! :yay: #femalepowerftw

  15. If it's the NBA, then yes.

    Hail Aj :yay:
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  16. Damnit, you're right. :urm:
  17. I loved the build up to this feud, the match at mitb was bad though. As far as it helping the division I'd say it helped it quite a bit, but if they go back to matches like Aksana vs Layla each week then it will be back to square one. Just fire everyone except for Aj and Kaitlyn and bring in the NXT women dammit.
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