How much has Raw improved IYO?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. 0%

  2. 25%

  3. 50%

  4. 75%

  5. 100%

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  6. 200%

  1. How much has Raw improved since last June in your opinion?
    Has it improved at all?
  2. Much better. We have proper storylines with real character development as opposed to last years clusterfuck with the Big Johnny storyline and Cena/Vince hogging the spotlight.

    I think it's on a 71.23% improvement.
  3. It seems to be in the right direction. Obviously we will have weeks/periods with lesser quality but that is logical considering the amount of TV they produce per week and have one writing team putting together. I don't think I can put a percentage on it though.
  4. I went with 75% better, but now that I think of it. I was giving it a 3 or 4 / 10 on average and the last two shows got a 9 from me. so 50 to 60% better.
  5. It was only one great episode. Let's not get too carried away here.
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  6. It's better, but it varies way too much to make an official judgement. One week it could be good and the next be horrible.
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  7. 200%. We're seeing many more GOOD storylines than we were getting storylines in general last year.
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  8. I went with 50% , there is definitely a big improvement imo, but lets just not cast our judge according to a few episodes.
  9. Well atleast no one said 0, where is that guy that gave raw a 4? He probably loved last year.
  10. Clarifying my comment: Wouldn't be surprised If next week's Raw sucks. Show quality could fall apart at any time and I fully expect it to happen in the next few months.

    Also 200% better than what we got from 2012 through the ER build really isn't much. This is no "omg new golden era".
  11. 33.3%chent chance, mainly because Kurt Angle knows he can't be so he's not even gonna try.
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  12. Yep just underlining this from Dolphs, monday was fucking great, but no reason to get crazy on how good RAW is, lets see what they do next week first
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  13. Did you all leave your minds in bed? Since last June? Raw improved in the last 2 weeks and for 1 episode after WM. Otherwise, I was close to giving up 3-4 weeks back as it was the most turgid and horrendous it had been since the Great Khali's time. Take your blinkers off.
  14. It has improved a lot but I still prefer TNA tbh. Better shows
  15. They only had one good show as of late and that was last week. Let's not get ahead of ourselves
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  16. Come on, Which 3 voted 200% ?:pity2:
  17. And u no y?? CAUSE HHH IS FAT! :steiner: