How much has your faith improved in WWE Creative?

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  1. Yeah it's the summer storyline we always love, but recently a lot of our complaints have been addressed.

    -No young talent being elevated: We've got a brand new crop of legit top guys and so many other really good talents who you can stick in there. Characters are being freshened up quite a bit.
    -Generic characters: Reference Bray Wyatt, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow... Not just "smiley babyface vs chickenshit heel" any more.
    -Babyface superbooking: Daniel Bryan's being held back just enough to make his story interesting, while not being crushed. Punk lost to Lesnar in a match where both men went over.
    -The tag division is deep and thriving right now, and the Divas are at least on TV.
    -No good mid-card feuds: *Points at Cody and Sandow*

    Obviously it won't last forever, and we still have some issues (Raw's not that entertaining throughout, mid-card belts, Ziggler, etc), but things are really nice right now.

    Question is, once thing inevitably get back again, will this help you be optimistic about things being good again? When someone like Sami Zayn gets called up, will you laugh it off and say "Vince won't push him" after Bryan and Punk?

    Idk what the words are, just discuss Creative stuff. Go!
  2. Yeah, since around Payback things have really changed. There's still some things that they go wrong with but overall things are much better. This proves that they can put on an entertaining product, so if that ever stops we'll always know that they can still do it, they're just being lazy.


  4. It is? I can think of 5 teams right now, The Usos, The Shield, The Real Americans, PTP, and now Show + Henry. Is that it? I guess if you count 3MB (which I don't) that makes 6. But then, El Matadores are on their way, but I imagine by that time Rollins and Reigns will no longer have the belts and might even be in singles competition. I guess its doing okay now that I've typed it all out. I guess I just like tag team matches and I would like to see more of them. Even when they don't involve the "who will be the #1 contenders" angle. I enjoy watching the two man moves some of the teams come up with. I remember the first time I saw the 3-D done to someone and I was like Holy Shit!:rollins:
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  5. Tag division is garbage,midcard is non existent,women lets not go there.Punk and Bryans storylines are the only thing worth watching.
  6. Damn bro, calm down. Geez, oughta make more negative threads around here so people would be happy.

    "Thriving" may be an overstatement, yes. There's there's signs of life here although there definitely should be more characters/storylines, and it needs more focus. But we do have security guard champs with 2 entertaining face teams in the Uso's and PTP who aren't but not "characters" per se, 2 guys yelling the same line standing behind a mustached dude, El Matadores, and we'll see on Show and Henry. That may be off if Show's gonna be part of this angle (good, that was a waste of Henry), and I don't count 3MB either.

    Guess it's just not being a fan of tag team wrestling that makes it look better than it is haha. Also +1 for the Rollins smiley.
  7. I love everything but ziggler. I'm honestly a HHH fan, and have heard some great things about nxt, since i only watch it occasionally. I think creative has been great, and i wouldnt be surprised if they check out sites or at least the big hits (cena vs iwc is hilarious in my book) and i would say my only gripes are the RVD random angle vs ADR (ADR's whole run has just been random or garbage. Or both) And I have seen a few things about what is speculated for the Mcmahon feud, which i love, so that will be awesome/interesting as we go.

    Im not taking anything away, but remember MNF starts up again soon, WWE is going to need something even bigger to keep the ratings where they are.
  8. Rainman yeah I was frustrated on that post was on a night out so was mainly beer talking. My bad. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  9. I've got your back if he has issues. Drinks?
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  10. Yeah buddy.
  11. All good bro. Seemed like you'd be the last one to snap off like that, and just frustrated with getting bashed in general for positivity.
    So we both can say it was something else that sparked said outbursts, so no harm no foul. You cool kids have fun.
  12. Yeah true. Weren't snapping at ur post either buddy just a rant bit of frustration as they are going all out with the ME storyline and everything else feels a little disorganised after SS. It'll pick up its just SS was that good.
  13. Creative's been awesome at the moment. Keep this going, WWE, and I'll deffo go back to your arms again and it'll be just like the old days, me fangirling to almost every wrestler that you have.
  14. Exponentially. Compare this product to a year ago let's say, or two, it's far superior. RAW is consistently a good show at the moment and I'm more surprised when it's a 6/10 - which was a high rating in recent years - as opposed to an 8 or 9. I think it's improved ever since Heyman was employed again, but that may just be a coincidence.
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  15. I think HHH/Creative are utilizing Dutch and Paul. They probably aren't officially on the booking team, but their experience makes their opinions and input invaluable. No doubt that Heyman has a big part in a lot of his own and Punk's promos during their feuding and run together.

    I'm still butthurt beyond belief over Ziggler's treatment. As good as WWE has been for the most part since Payback, if Ziggler remains an afterthought than pro wrestling will soon become an afterthought for me during NFL season.
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  16. I don't think the use of Ziggler is negative, personally. It's certainly a 180 compared to him jobbing in every match he was in all the while never being booked in a serious program. Look at where he is now compared to before - He's been turned baby face, is now booked to win almost every one of his matches, has split from Big E and AJ (people complained about him not needing AJ and feared that Big E would be the one who turned face and then got the push by splitting from the other two) and now he's involved in the HHH regime angle. Along with Big Show, he's the only non-Bryan wrestler 'opposing' HHH at the moment. I mean, come on, he's gotten a face to face with HHH, the top heel of the company, and he's pissed him off enough with his comments to get punished twice for it. How is this a bad thing for him? He's still in the spotlight.
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  17. Not much tbh. Bookings have been great lately, but I believe they won't know what to do in a near future and we'll see the same "shit" we've seen some time ago. And of course Vince will push Sami Zayn because the guy deserves a push!
  18. My faith has increased quite considerably. You can notice the changes HHH has made now that he's getting closer and closer to owning the WWE and has much more influx right now, really happy at the moment.
  19. The summer is here, but it will fizzle out.
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