How much life does the Joseph Park character still have?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. (Sorry, in a hurry so gotta rush through the OP. If one of you guys wants to change it go ahead)

    Park's the underdog, Park's the common wrestling fan who's living his dream of finally making his way into the wrestling business and is climbing the ladder step-by-step. Now that he's winning matches, how much steam does this character still have left?
  2. Loads. He does pretty much the same thing every week and I still love seeing him. Besides, we have got to see him evolve into a good competitor.
  3. A lot, he's in the noob stage still he can another 1/2 a year or so before he understand kayfab.
  4. Until BFG is my prediction, around then we have something major to go down with him.
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  5. Probably, we won't see Abyss like 1 year or more as TNA loves to keep storylines for a long time. As we all know, TNA was more extreme before and Abyss was a hardcore, violent character. So maybe they didn't need to use him and they used him for something TNA lacked, entertainment. But to me, Abyss is way better. I don't like Park.

    By the way, his name was Parks before right?
  6. I thought it was Park but his real name is Parks so why they'd drop the S I don't know.
  7. Six more months of Park awesomeness? Sign me up.
  8. And to keep it kayfab, why isn't Park looking for his brother Chris, you know: Abyss, any longer?
  9. I will probably sign you up for my Kayfab Limited Inc, and the password will be.... *drums* "kayfab".
  10. Hopefully for a long time, one or two years sounds about right, yeah.
  11. Yeah, at least until BFG but I can see it lasting longer. Just because Joseph is around doesn't mean Abyss has to disappear. He can show up from time to time just to remind us that he exists as the Park character keeps evolving.
  12. Isn't the whole point of this that Park is Abyss's psychotic side creating multiple personas and that's why he's used the Black Hole Slam before?
  13. I think so. That's why Park came out from under the ring as Abyss against Bully (at Slammiversary I think?) They can do something like that from time to time, with Park coming out as Abyss from literally out of the woodwork.
  14. The cup runneth over with goodness from this character. I can't see myself growing tired of it, or his facial expressions. Will it have to evolve as time goes on? OFC, but it'll still make for great entertainment.
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