How much longer will TNA Last?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 1, 2015.

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    TNA is no stranger when it comes to "out of business" discussions.. especially more recently prior to the deal with Destination America being made.. but is Destination America really going to save the company? From my point of view I don't really seeing TNA making it past this year even with a deal in place that lasts two years.. Recently it's come out of reports that the locker room has been down on morale as of late, a lot of the current talent doesn't think they will have jobs in the near future.. Now this is all rumored locker room talk, no one has officially come out and said anything yet.. (See Link 1 for more info).. They've also lost 2 producers, which granted isn't a BIG deal when it comes to the larger scheme of things however it shows that even backstage employees are becoming frustrated within the company and deciding to leave elsewhere.. One of them has been with the company a long time for 7 years. (See Links 2 & 3 for more info)

    So now my question is.. TNA is in a bad state right about now, do you feel they are going out of business like I do? and if so how long do you give them before they officially close the doors? Like mentioned earlier I'm giving it til the end of the year.
  2. Out of buildness in a year? Seems like a legit prediction.
  3. Meltzer:
    TNA is like an old yeller who needs to be put out of its misery. I'm waiting for a "Not-Rise and Death of TNA" DVD.
  4. Idk, maybe their new TV deal will keep them afloat for a while. I really don't know how their finances are but leaving spike must have made stuff worse there.
  5. It'll never die. It will become a zombie and continue to live.
  6. At this point, I'm wondering not about TNA, but the entire American wrestling industry going under. WWE is seeing the (very) beginning of the end with the Network. TNA is TNA. ROH is in financial trouble, and El Rey Network is struggling to afford the massive operating budget for Lucha Underground.

    New Japan master race.
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  7. DOUG! IT AID! You on skype bro!?
  8. Huh? Then why are they turning profit and the stock prices going up?

    This rumor was shot down instantly, they aren't in financial trouble, they just didn't get as big a yearly budget increase as they wanted.

    source on that? Seems like El Rey is just expanding, which equals good for LU.
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  9. You really were meant to be an admin on a site like this.
  10. Lucha Underground is in good shape, El Rey Network will be alright they should consider some moves to become more available to houses in the US.. team up with Univision and figure out a way to get LU on TV during garbage time like Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 2 or 3 AM on Univision, it'd be good for both Networks/Channels.
  11. Way off, man.
  12. It won't die if it has millionaires backing it. Panda Energy bought the company; invested in it. Losing a TV deal won't stop an 11 year commitment to the company. It's going to stay as long as Panda Energy stays.
  13. They have Destination America who are fully behind them, a good roster and Panda Energy backing them. Won't go under for a long, long time.
  14. Doesn't matter how long they last, they're still producing shitty product.
  15. Are Panda going to keep backing a product that doesn't pay back? Because TNA doesn't seem to be turning profit. In any financial report or statement TNA/Dixie makes they always refer to themselves as cash flow positive, which means that they make more money every year, but also spend more money as well each year. So profit TNA makes ifany would be minimal.

    Panda is eventually going to want to see a return investment.
  16. Recently since they went to Destination America, it's been good. The quality of wrestling hasn't been as good as it could be due to the lack of PPVs where they could do a 3 hour wrestling show at the culmination of storylines but so far, each episode has had something going for it. The BDC hasn't been that bad, with Aries, Roode, Angle and Lashley being the top 4 faces opposing them. Spud vs EC3 has been great so far and they'll have a Wembley main event to finish it all off. Taryn Terrell can wrestle good matches, so that's something. X-Division and Tag Team needs work on, but with guys like Low Ki, Spud, The Wolves and Galloway, the divisions will have so many good contenders soon and I can see them working on that in due time.
  17. TNA, as long as I have been watching wrestling, has never done this. Rather the opposite. PPVs for TNA has been set ups to Impact, not the other way around.

    That TNA runs the same storyline over and over again year after year is a completely different beast.

    Spoiler alert: The BDC will be vanquished at BFG.
  18. oooooooooo what's a bdc? please tell me it stands for big dick cliq
  19. No worse, it's Beat Down Clan lol, but that is the name of one of my fantasy teams.
  20. hope you had Bridgewater on your team or the name is invalidated

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