How much money for you to give up wrestling forever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. I'd probably give it up for $500 or so lol
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  2. I could go as low as as $100.
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  3. I might, but I would regret it soon after.
  4. I'd say about 10 grand.
  5. Forever, ever? Cool million.

  7. Just so we are clear, this WOULD include the Chyna/X-Pac sex video as well. It's all or nothing.

  8. Fuck. Nvm.

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  9. If I got a heap of money, the chances are I'd spend the majority of it on wrestling merch, admittedly. I sqy, if we're going to make a deal like this, you may as well make me the richest person in the world. 100 trillion, shall we say? And in UK pounds. None of this dollar crap.
  10. 500k to 1 mil.
  11. How about for free. I once gave it up for four straight years with barely even checking in to what was happening (2006-2010) so I could always do so again.

    If some poor fool was willing to give me any amount of money I asked for to stop watching though, I'd have to be a good negotiator and say it'd take all the money in the world, so give me what you got.
  12. Dolph's would sell his apartment before he gave up Wrestling, lol. Mark.
  13. It isn't just the current product, it includes past shows, matches, promos ect as well. And it is forever. You can't check results or anything either. It is a complete disconnect from wrestling
  14. Do you get to keep your old wrestling stuff and just stop collecting from there, or do you have to give all that up, too?
  15. Meh. Reason I presented it was because I saw a similar thread about football (American style) and that is one thing that I would actually not give up for any amount, as lame as that sounds
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  16. Understood. I just like giving you a hard time, homo.

  17. That'd be harder to adjust to, but I could always use some of my money to get a hold of the MIB's neuralyzer/flashy thing that would erase my memory of wrestling and any desire to watch it again:

  18. Gonna go with a trillion British Pounds! :emoji_grinning:

  19. You go from saying you would do it for free to requesting all the money in the world, what is your realistic answer? What is the minimum you would take to drop wrestling cold turkey until you keel over?

  20. I stopped watching before but no one was telling me I couldn't some day return to it either. My realistic answer was/is that I would indeed call it a day with wrestling if someone gave me money. If I couldn't just request all the money in the world, I'd probably be fine settling for anything that was at least in the hundreds of thousands, even just a 100k. Then again, I might take even lower than that but it would have to be much more than just a few thousand dollars.

    I would certainly give up wrestling for a lot of money, though. It's one of my principal hobbies but it's also something I could see doing without. Movies/TV shows and video games, however...
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