How much money would it take...

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  1. For you to give up playing video games and surfing the internet forever?

    Saw a similar question on and thought it'd create a decent discussion.

    $1 million, $10 million, $100 million, more?
  2. So I can still watch films, tv and listen to music? If so 1 million would do for me probs less just enough to buy a house outright with no mortgage tbh.
  3. Lol.

    I don't game much, and if you give me a million dollars, that'd be enough to buy essentially any album I'd ever want. I wouldn't need the the internet.
    Uh so yeah, a million and I'm gone.
    Hell, half a million would probably be enough :gusta:
  4. About treefiddy.
  5. $4 trillion
  6. I'd do it for free, I could listen music, spend time with my gf and I could see every single wrestling episode because TV wasn't a condition to quit
  7. Give up gaming and browsing the web?
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  8. 20 million. Get enough to start my own farm far away, and still have tons left over.
  9. $5 million just because I'm a greedy bitch. :otunga: Would be able to use the money to do all kinds of things. Plus I'd have to change jobs.
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  10. As tough as not having the Internet would be in a world driven by computers, I'd say give me 100,000 K and I'll bounce.
  11. I don't play games much at all but I'm on the internet for thousands of things. Some primary things I use the internet for are with email for school and work, as well as upload homework assignments online, and other responsibilities. Of course I use the internet for fun too, but there's other things I need it for. I'd probably need to be paid like a trillion dollars before I'd give it up lol.
  12. Do you guys know how long I could stretch 100k in a place like Puerto Rico or the Bahamas? I would buy some beach drink shack, become a bartender and live the good life without worrying about anything.
  13. D'Z is Tom Cruise in "Cocktail"

    If you haven't watched it, do it now!
  14. Give me Carmelo Anthony's Crib and I will quit playing Video Games & surfing the Net.
  15. 500k. I could start a successful business with that
  16. I don't get this question. So instead of playing video games we would only be able to surf the net? Or would we have to give up everything in life and just surf the internet?
  17. Just give up the internet and video games forever. You could still watch TV/Movies, read, listen to music, etc.
  18. Even though I don't need the money I'd give up video games. Life > Video games.
  19. That's not the point of the question.
  20. What's the point?
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