How much snow do you get in winter?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. Just curious to see where it snows, where is never snows and who gets the most snow.

    Here, we average out to like 2 feet a week I think. Like it doesn't snow every day, sometimes we go a few weeks with now snow but most of the time, it will snow a few days, then not snow a few days. I live on Ohio. Pretty much share southern Canada's weather.
  2. it varies for us in the uk depending where you live its quite bad where i live sometimes
  3. It doesn't snow by me in Phoenix but if you go up north to the Flagstaff/Grand Canyon area it snows almost everyday.
  4. It snows every couple of years in the part of Georgia I live in, and when we do get snow it's not even enough to make snowballs with.
    However, it snows quite a bit in the Blue Ridge area.
  5. Usually about 4 inches or so. We rarely get more than that in Sunderland, and if we do the rain falls soon after so it just turns to slush.
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    Depends on the year. I live in the north of Sweden so at least around half a meter give or take is the norm and I've moved even further north now so once it starts snowing I expect a lot. Been pretty warm a fall so far though so the snow hasn't fallen yet.
  7. Anywhere from fuck all to holy fuck it's like God cummed all over us
  8. Too much :angry:
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  9. It's Buffalo so there's that. But the last 2 winters have been super dead winters, this one we already got a nice amount of snow. I like it though.
  10. Most we get here in New York (I live in Queens) is about 2 - 2 & 1/2 feet. Gets pretty brutal with storms and blizzards here.
  11. Last winter we had over 80 inches of snow which was more than average. Usually I think it's around 60 inches for winter.
  12. Not enough
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    Enough to make half the drivers here say "Dammit, why can't these people drive in the snow yet?!" (while the other half wonder why they're bitching about people who can't drive anyway) but not enough to make them actually figure out how to drive in the snow. That tell you enough?
  14. 6ft every winter usually
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  15. 0.

    We get no snow here in San Diego.
  16. snows like once every 30 years
  17. Depends here in Pennsylvania. Sometimes there's a lot and other times there's barely any. We get the occasional 12+ inch storm but the past two winters have been extremely weak. I don't think we've had a snowfall bigger than 5-6 inches the last two years. Which means shoveling is less of a hassle so I suppose it's a good thing.
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