How much was Goldberg's streak padded?

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  1. I know they included house shows but does anyone have any idea how long the streak actually was? I can't see it at 173 no matter how many house shows he worked tbh.
  2. No idea to be honest. I never knew they included house shows though.
  3. They must have as he wrestled say 11 times a month it would only get him to about 130 odd and he rarely worked Nitro and the 2nd show.
  4. SHHH!!! Don't talk about Goldberg on this forum! We don't know whether you know who is the real deal or not.
  5. Shit forgot about that. #IncomingSpearIn3,2,1
  6. I want Goldberg to post "I will spear you" so I can make it a smiley for :spear:.
  7. I'm just weary about the whole thing after I insulted his ring and mic skills to the point of no return without knowing. >.>
  8. I dislike Goldberg a little bit because of his streak. I mean he looks like a monster but his streak should've ended sooner since Jericho proved that people can kick his ass(literally).
  9. This better be it..
  10. No it'd be an image of his post, lol.
  11. @[Goldberg] can dreams come true?
  12. He's online right now, #MomentOfTruth
  13. DAMN! :simmons:
  14. I suppose we could start with the fact that Goldberg lost his debut match in WCW, so he wasn't undefeated at all.

    Still, it was a wrestling streak that was built for drama, not accuracy. 173-0 wasn't totally random, but neither was it based in any kind of objective fact.

  15. If I remember correctly, didn't Bruno Sammartino actually have a 10 year title run? That had to have passed Goldberg's streak.
  16. He lost via DQ to Gorilla at one point during that and probably to others, not to mention it was a 7 odd year run.
  17. A lot of it. No way they he had 173-0.
  18. Alright, alright, I'll admit it. It was padded, happy? I did lose to Hector Guerrero and I also had a match end in a no contest. Was padded to portray my character as being an unstoppable beast. Which in my opinion, my streak lead to more success with the crowd and my career. It was indeed less than what it was said to be. Also provided that feel of "bigger than life" image that is used frequently used in the professional wrestling business.

    I am truly sorry if I have disappointed my fans or anyone with the actual truth of the streak.
  19. Goldberg we still love you either way.
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