How much would it take?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. How much money would it take you to do the worst thing possible?
    Like if someone offered you ____$ to do ____.

    It is your own opinion on the worst legal thing you could possibly do.
    -no killing, robbing, ect.
  2. How much money would it take you to cheat on your husband?
  3. No money in the world would be enough to befriend Dolph's.
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  4. The worst legal thing? Most things that are legal wouldn't take much money for me to do it tbh.

  5. eat my shit
  6. $27,574,476 and a hot dog.
  7. So $27,574,475 is a no go then ^

  8. Yup, exactly. And where the hell is the hot dog.
  9. shucks

    wait, so you are saying you would do it for free the, right :yay:
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  10. lol jono wants a hotdog.
    inb4 he pretends its the football team
  11. How much would it take to have sex with Jono? Priceless
  12. No killing?

    *leaves thread*
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  13. Sleep with IRS? $1 and a coke.
  14. I'll do it for free and buy the beer afterwards :tough:
  15. Hey, back of bitch. Tell him Irwin R. Schyster - we'll make sweet love rocking to The Boss
  16. A virgin, a lesbian and a crossdresser all walk into a bar...
  17. fuck you, brood > show off
  18. Oh hell no, we could fuck to the entire album of Painkiller and Dehumanizer. Betting all my cash Jono doesn't have the balls to handles Judas Priest or Black Sabbath during sex, you would have to drop it down to Adele :tough:

  19. I used to listen to BS all the time :lol1:
  20. BS has stood for Black Sabbath this whole time? :urm:

    oops :silva:
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