How much would this help the Claire Lynch storyline?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. What if Claire Lynch hired Joseph Park as her "custody attorney?" While the storyline would still be annoying, we'll see back-and-forth conversations between Park, Daniels, and Styles and keeping Claire in the background, so at least we'll get an entertaining mic exchange out of it? Out of 10, how much would this help?

    (Really just posting for more TNA talk)
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  2. This storyline creeps me out tbh. When the recap or whatever was shown of her yelling at AJ I was like dawfuq?
  3. I'm going to go middle-ground on the side of caution here and say a 5. Personally, I like this scenario. I'd like it even more if Claire was just gone from my TV. Hence my semi-low rating of 5. There seems to be very little help for the Claire Lynch storyline at this point. If anything, it's becoming more annoying week by week, and the recaps really don't help. However, if they were to get Park involved and have Claire become more of a background figure, I could see that helping the storyline. Like you said, the storyline would still be annoying -- I just don't see any way of actually salvaging it -- but at least it would make it a bit more interesting and bearable to watch. The mic time with Styles, Park and Daniels would be pretty nice.
  4. ^Agree completely. The storyline isn't salvagable but at least if you can get a good mic segment out of it every week it'll be tolerable.
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  5. I can't even take this storyline seriously. I get more laughs out of it then anything. I'll give it a 6 since Parks would be able to make it more entertaining. The quicker the storyline dies though the better, Impact can use the time that they use for this shitty storyline for the Knockout tag team belts, since it's been forever that they used those belts, and they need to take it away from at least Eric Young.
  6. NO! :(( i dont want him to be her custard attorney!
  7. I thought AJ could get hotter chicks anyway
  8. Anything would help this storyline, because it's only surviving because of the greatness of CD and Kazarian. So, anotherr great one, Joseph Park - hell yes.
  9. I just want this shit to end, but since i know it wont, this is a 7/10 idea. Anything over seeing more of her every week.
  10. He got roofied by some crazy bitch and basically raped. It happens to the best of us.

    This idea would make a 1/10 storyline into a 4/10, but I'd rather Park be involved with something less fucked up than this garbage.
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  11. This ends at BFG, obviously.
  12. You mean to tell me we gotta deal with this shit for 2 more months? OH HELL NO!
  13. My thoughts exactly
  14. This. Please say it isn't so.
  15. It all ends at BFG, I'm thinking: Storm/Roode controversy, Ryan/Snow/Taz, Park/Abyss, Aces'n8s reveal and Styles/Daniels/Kazarian. Should be a one big night,
  16. Doesn't sound that bad actually :true:
  17. ^ Having it be a big night sounds great. Having to deal with the Claire BS drama for two more months? Not so much.
  18. But hey, that's only eight more episodes. Pretty sure by the time the first month ends we'll have the same spontaneous urge to pee that the Divas matches give us.
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  19. :lol1: True enough, there's always that.
  20. When will this storyline end, that's the question.
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