How much would you dread this?

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  1. Now as we all know WWE is no stranger to erasing people from history because they hate a particular person.

    We saw WWE stupidly break the record of AJ Lee's Divas Title reign with Nikka Bella, something nobody wanted to see. But why was it done? Because she is CM Punk's wife and Vince hates Punk.

    So... You don't think they'll use Roman to do the same with CM Punk's WWE title reign? With a grain of salt let us pray this will never happen....
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  2. CM Punk's reign will be broken and Reigns is the guy to do it. People should get over it. It will happen at some point.
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  3. I'll be honest, it doesn't bother me one bit. In a few years time it'll just be someone else breaking Roman/whoever's streak. It's just a thing that happens.
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  4. I wouldn't care, they can do anything at this point and I wouldn't be upset. But I'm really not sure that'd be a wise move.
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  5. Does anyone really care about these stats? The E pushes them out occasionally but they're rarely mentioned after that.
  6. AJ's record was in jeopardy the second she left the company, Punk's wife or no. There's no point in letting someone who isn't even in the company any longer hold onto a record when they could enhance another person by letting them surpass it.

    As for CM Punk, he doesn't have much of a record. Bragging that you're the longest-reigning champ of only a certain amount of years (12 years? 16 years? 22 years?) is pretty arbitrary. Cool thing to tout in a promo or two, but not a RECORD record that WWE should feel compelled to surpass. In reality, Punk is only like the 8th longest-reigning champion of all time.
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  7. I would be cool with it if Roman turned heel. But I definitely don't think he will hold onto the belt for over a year. Rollins will probably take the title back once he returns.
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  8. We all wish Triple H would be that guy, but it is what it is.
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  9. Brock yes

    Reigns hell no
  10. As a fan of CM Punk and his pro wrestling career, it wouldn't bother me one bit for a wrestler to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship longer than he did.

    In the current climate of WWE, I think Roman doing this as a face won't happen.

    Both Vinny and Haitch seem to be of the opinion (and probably correctly, by the way) that a face chasing the title is more profitable than a face carrying the title, particularly given we're discussing long title reigns. I heard rumors that Rollins was on tap to hold the title longer than Punk and that would have been fine with me and it would be a heel championship reign (and, pretty apropos, considering a lot of people thought Rollins as Tyler Black was a natural successor to the CM Punk character as portrayed in ROH).

    In short, break the "record". But, turn Roman heel first...and get him better on the mic first.

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