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  1. It should be where the minutes are. It should be in bold.

    Aids Johnson
    Crayo eats penis.
    2 minutes ago.

    This is best scenario. Do it, and close the thread. Or post about it and disagree, i wont read your opinion but thanks so much for posting it.
  2. I think it'd look better like Aids say, it looks weird like it is right now imo
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    Only reason it looks stupid is because the comments format is switched, which was a retarded choice by the dev.
    Thing should also show the number of comments/likes and let you comment on a status directly from the homepage, but people are lazy.

    Meh, fix for xanth:

    Open recent_status template, find {$user.status} and replace with:
    <div class="userTitle"><xen:datetime time="$user.time" /></div>{$user.status}
    And remove from line 21:
     <div class="userTitle"><xen:datetime time="$user.time" /></div>
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  4. Just had to point out that I call my one cat "Coon" so when I seen someone names that posting it made me laugh. haha
  5. It is your cat.
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    Meow meow mother fuckers.

    Wasn't sure what else to put here, so here's a picture of Sky.

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  7. What, in, the, fuck, is...that.
  8. black cat? Racist.

  9. Xanth with long hair.
  10. I assumed as much, but my penis disagreed with my brain.
  11. I thought it was a bad pic of Britanica. Would explain why she always uses those weird angles for profile pics
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  12. ahahahahaha
  13. No he looks like a raccoon lol
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