News How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Z.T.O, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. 27th August, 2014 (A viral video):
    A young boy in Texas told his family that he is gay. The reaction from the parents: "We do not support your choice and you have to move from here." Also, he got be beaten by her own family.

    The boy calmly explained that his sexual orientation is not a choice but something he has been forever. It did not help much. Instead, he was physically attacked by those who really should support and love him.

    This is terribly painful to see and hear.

    Donate to Daniel (The guy in the video):

    Raised by 780 people in 18 hours.
  2. Sorry, but I found this to be a bit comical haha. "YOU AINT GONNA FUCKING HIT ME!"

    Oh Texans...
  3. Holy shit. That was heart wrenching.

    In a lot of religions gay people are born gay, disowning your child is as sinful as murdering and kicking your child out is just about the same as disowning. These people are sick fucks.
  4. Wait, why would I donate?
  5. He was kicked out of his house.
  6. How did they not notice he was gay?
  7. His mother said she noticed when he was a baby, but now he made the decision? lol.
  8. Didn't really watch the video. Just the beating. lol
  9. Over 1000 people donated to him just in 20 hours.

    He will have plenty of money.
  10. Probably a scam, we're all being worked.:notsure:
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  11. Why would he be taping this?
  12. "I believe in the word of God."

    Lol she must be having some giggles then, because the only time I recall Jesus using force was when people disrespected the Church, not for someone being gay.

    These people are just vintage ignorant rednecks(meaning not every redneck is this bad).
  13. God damn, his voice is so fucking annoying.
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  14. Seriously, what a fag.
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  15. Regardless, it's a tragedy that in this day and age people still can't be comfortable being their true selves even with their families.
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  16. I couldn't watch the whole thing, This kind of stuff truly breaks my heart.
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  17. Welcome to Bumfuck, Texas...

    not surprising to me at all that this video comes from that part of the US... the state of Texas is where the "Bible Belt" begins.. racism, homophobia, and any other disease that can infect the weak minded runs rampant down there.

    My advice to this dude... get out of Texas and fast.
  18. He's better off without his BS racist homophobic family IMO

    EDIT (video is done) : Wow that made me pretty mad seeing that. My parents would have caught a major ass whooping running up on me like that at that age. Fuck the BS
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