How often do you catch yourselves using WF smileys irl?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Snowman, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Fellow forum addicts, have you ever caught yourselves doing :downer: or :dafuq: or even :cornette: in real life?

    Share your stories below, it may sound pathetic but aren't we all?
  2. :notamused: :pity2: :happy: are the ones I seem to use.
  3. Not really, no. Though sometimes I copy+paste the image links (like on FB or something). Usually :dawg: and :george:
  4. I really want to use :insertsmiley: when I text. I prevent myself though.
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  5. I use :dafuq: . But I've used that face before I even knew it existed.
  6. I use :pity: all the time at work when people make bullshit excuses or just lie. I also do :cornette: when ever something simple fucks up.
  7. I've used : downer : and : pity1 : on a writing exam got an A- because of that :haha:
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  8. :(( I've used this when I was 6 and I broke my teeth LOL
  9. :lady:

  10. :pity1: is my every day face pretty much
  11. All the time for lols.


    Are the ones I use. Nobody knows why I do it, because nobody I know in real life (apart from @"Bobby Ray") knows I own this forum.
  12. I have a wide array of facial expressions I use on a daily. Mostly pity faces, because the world is so damn pitiful.
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