How often do you LOL when you type LOL?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Red Rain, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. I rarely breeze topics that would legitimately go in here. I don't expect a ton of replies, but I know this is something I did quite a bit when I was younger.

    If I were chatting or texting with a chick, I'd be guilty of typing LOL when I merely found what she said humorous. Sometimes, it wasn't funny at all.

    I'm better these days. When I type LOL, I do actually laugh. Are any of you guilty of this? How often?

    In my hey day, I'd say a good 95% of the time I'd type LOL and not even nod my head.
  2. bout tree fiddy
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  3. there was a period when 'lol' replaced a punctuation for me, gladly that time is long gone but most of the time i'm atleast smiling when i type 'lol'.
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  4. 52.3%
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  5. 34.56%
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  6. Barely. It's usually a pity lol to keep the conversation going.
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  7. Doubt anyone actually expresses their IRL emotions online. "Lol" is said to express your emotions theoretically. Only freaks, molesters and shadowgoddess express their real feelings online.
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  8. LOL is usually a way of pandering to the other individual. I generally don't text nor chat with chicks online. If it isn't face to face (or at least on the phone), I don't bother. I need to read the person so I'm not wasting my time.

    Pandering is something I generally avoid these days, but impossible to accomplish completely. Family members may get an LOL or a buddy of mine might get it if I'm tired as f*** and can't type coherently.
  9. I use lol to end conversations. It's more like "bitch bye"
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  10. lol.
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  11. I mainly use it to keep a convo going, or to keep from killing someone's self esteem. It's very seldom that I literally mean it whenever I use it.
    Don't talk shit about my girl.
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  12. Answering PMs would do good as well :sad:
  13. I've answered like 70% of your PMs which is more than I do with some people. Be happy.
  14. But I actually need those pictures made.
  15. For your forum?
  16. Yeah.

    How'd you know it was for the F word? I don't think I told you that.
  17. I don't help out other forums man.

    And you've all but paraded the fact around that you own one.
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  18. :cry:
    I only post like in 3 sections. Mentioning it is probably what spreads the word. But I understand, thanks anyway.
  19. This sums up my take to a T. I wonder if anybody has gotten in trouble with the old lady for using LOL under false pretenses.
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    most "lols" are passive aggressive nowadays.

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