Featured How often do you watch WWE shows?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, May 14, 2018.

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  1. I watch all things Network, weekly shows, and PPVs

  2. I watch weekly shows and all PPVs

  3. I watch weekly shows and some PPVs

  4. I only watch weekly shows, no PPVs

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  5. I only watch PPVs

  6. I watch some of each, not a weekly viewer

  7. I only watch certain shows/PPVs

  8. I tune in now and then (very casual viewer)

  9. I don't watch anything WWE related at all

  1. I thought this was worth asking since it seems a lot of people are giving up on them.
    Vote above and share down below. I tried to cover every kind of viewer there may be.


    I have stated that I watch my 2 PPVs a year (Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble) and that is pretty much it. I haven't had much interest in WWE since 2013 and the only thing that did interest me since to the extent of caring weekly was KO and Jericho's "Friendship" run. Aside from that, I can't remember really caring about anything for more than a few days.
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  2. A question does "I watch all things Network, weekly shows, and PPV" include NXT and 205? That is what I went with because I do watch the weekly shows, PPVs, and NXT and 205 which are Network exclusive. Honestly, I would give up on WWE, but there a couple why I don't. One, I am a masochist and I like to torture myself by watching Raw and Smackdown and every PPV, Two, I am insane because I keep hoping WWE gets better as it gets worse, and Third, WWE isn't the main wrestling company I watch.

    Realistically, the only way I would quit watching WWE is if they make several of favorite WWE wrestlers just become jobbers or complete shit.
  3. Just RAW and Smackdown Live and some pay per views but not all of them (in terms of the current programming). I don't watch NXT or any of the other shows that they do aside from those three I do watch mainly because I don't have the WWE Network to watch them on. I did see clips of NXT segments and matches on YouTube but never the whole show. Other than that, I watch a lot of old stuff that I grew up with like The Attitude Era when RAW was RAW IS WAR at the time and the original Smackdown era with the oval shaped titanton, and occasionally Sunday Night Heat on YouTube since it's not on TV anymore
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  4. Yeah I didn't want to make a separate thing for those cause then the options would be too long. lol
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  5. I watch Raw and Smackdown when I can, and PPVs when I can. It is a matter of my schedule and mood. Last week I was too annoyed after Backlash to watch, but now I am a bit more calmed and Tranquilo (as best as I can for an anxious beaver).
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  6. Alright, that is what I thought it meant, but was just making sure.
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  7. Only RAW and PPV's.. I watch Smackdown once a month, usually following a PPV.
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  8. Voted "I watch some of each, not a weekly viewer" since that seems the most accurate. I watch PPV's on the Network, usually on tape delay since I work (this year I only watched Royal Rumble & WrestleMania live, usually it's just Mania but I wanted to see Asuka win the Rumble and overall I had much more fun with the Rumble so that might become a yearly tradition), and since I watch it on tape delay, no way I'm watching everything. For Backlash I skipped Bliss vs. Jax and everything after Shinsuke vs. Styles.

    Outside of PPV's, I'll watch the youtube versions of the segments I care about. Which at this point is basically nothing on Raw and whatever Styles, Asuka, and Bryan are doing on SDL.
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  9. I'm considering getting back into it. Catching Takeover pre-WM.
  10. I only really watch certain shows and PPVs. Wrestlemania is the only one i'll watch live, only other shows i've watched in the past year are mostly the takeovers and the odd match from PPVs if it gets a good write up. Other than that I prefer to watch old stuff (mostly for the podcast but also for nostalgia)
  11. Oh that show...

    Was so freaking great. Book-ended by two literal five-star matches, solid matches in the middle, all great.
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  12. I'm currently watching the WCW PPVs. I watch one over two weeks, seeing 90 mins 1 week and then another 90 mins the next. I plan to see how the company evolved until 1996 and then switch to WWE PPVs in 2008 so I can find my way back into the WWE universe.
  13. I'm a n00b but I try to watch Raw and Smackdown weekly, as well as all PPVs. I haven't had a chance to watch NXT yet but it's in the plans.
    Very different for me because I'm not yet sick of WWE bs like a lot of old-school fans are. Still sorta in the honeymoon phase.
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  14. What's NXT all about? I've heard the name referred to, but it's very new to me. Is it some kind of territorial development arm of WWE or something?
  15. What NXT is all about.

    Just watch NXT Takeover: New Orleans. Dew it.
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  16. Okay. I like surprises. I'll check out this ppv.

    I just had a look at NXT's wiki entry. Neat. They have their own roster and championship belts. It looks interesting. I always knew sunny Florida would play a role in WWE some day. NXT New Orleans, here I come.
  17. I believe it's the show where the newbies gain experience and those who stand out can eventually graduate to one of the 2 big shows... but I'll let someone with more knowledge confirm that.
  18. Well, I recently learned that AJ started in NXT before jumping to Raw. I hope William Regal is doing well over there. He always found a way to make himself heard and felt in WWE.
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    Honestly, it isn't "newbies" and I am not the biggest fan of you using that term.

    There are newer stars who have made waves like Lars Sullivan, and the Velveteen Dream, but none of them is by any means "newbies." Velveteen Dream, aka Patrick Clark, did wrestle elsewhere before being signed after being on "Tough Enough." I mean, there are also former athletes who are newer to wrestling, but even then, they often work the NXT Live Event scene and work in the performance centre to work on their in-ring ability and character for some time before they even appear on NXT TV, to the point where they aren't even "newbies" anymore. They still will likely need to develop more.

    Yet in the same breath, there are quite a few wrestlers, a large amount of them, who are well versed in the independent scene and around the world. Johnny Gargano is a former Dragongate Champion, Adam Cole (BAYBAY) is a three-time Ring of Honor Champion, Aleister Black wrestled all over Europe and the US even as "Tommy End" before going to WWE. Then we have EC3, who is a former TNA World Champion after leaving WWE originally, with him finally returning this year. Eric Young, who was in NXT and is debuting on the main roster, is a nearly 20-year veteran of Wrestling and is 38. Bobby Roode, another former NXT Champion, is 41!

    NXT is meant to be WWE's "developmental territory" but due to the outstanding quality of the roster and the shows themselves, it is almost like WWE's third brand unofficially as their weekly TV is typically pretty good, and the Takeover events, which are their "PPVs" often overshadow the main roster shows of the same weekend.

    If you're referring to AJ Styles, then he skipped NXT and went to the main roster. If you're referring to AJ Lee, the former female superstar, then she debuted on the old NXT where it was treated like a competition show like Tough Enough. That was hot garbage. The NXT the way they have it now is honestly very good.
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  20. I stand corrected.