How often do you watch WWE shows?

How much WWE do you watch?

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Paul Diaz-Berrio

The Artiste
Honestly, it isn't "newbies" and I am not the biggest fan of you using that term.

There are newer stars who have made waves like Lars Sullivan, and the Velveteen Dream, but none of them is by any means "newbies." Velveteen Dream, aka Patrick Clark, did wrestle elsewhere before being signed after being on "Tough Enough." I mean, there are also former athletes who are newer to wrestling, but even then, they often work the NXT Live Event scene and work in the performance centre to work on their in-ring ability and character for some time before they even appear on NXT TV, to the point where they aren't even "newbies" anymore. They still will likely need to develop more.

Yet in the same breath, there are quite a few wrestlers, a large amount of them, who are well versed in the independent scene and around the world. Johnny Gargano is a former Dragongate Champion, Adam Cole (BAYBAY) is a three-time Ring of Honor Champion, Aleister Black wrestled all over Europe and the US even as "Tommy End" before going to WWE. Then we have EC3, who is a former TNA World Champion after leaving WWE originally, with him finally returning this year. Eric Young, who was in NXT and is debuting on the main roster, is a nearly 20-year veteran of Wrestling and is 38. Bobby Roode, another former NXT Champion, is 41!

NXT is meant to be WWE's "developmental territory" but due to the outstanding quality of the roster and the shows themselves, it is almost like WWE's third brand unofficially as their weekly TV is typically pretty good, and the Takeover events, which are their "PPVs" often overshadow the main roster shows of the same weekend.

If you're referring to AJ Styles, then he skipped NXT and went to the main roster. If you're referring to AJ Lee, the former female superstar, then she debuted on the old NXT where it was treated like a competition show like Tough Enough. That was hot garbage. The NXT the way they have it now is honestly very good.
I was referring to AJ Lee. Isn't it funny how different wrestlers sometimes end up adopting similar names?

Trip in the Head

Jester of Darkness
I try to watch all the weekly shows on Hulu, except 205 and Main Event (even though it keeps auto playing ME). And I have the network so I eventually watch the PPVs. Maybe not when they air, but eventually. And I'm not always paying 100% attention either. Background noise basically.

My son however.....Most kids get up and watch cartoons on Saturday. He turns on the WWE network and browses away. He was obsessed with Punjabi Prison matches at one point. Because Jinder and Randy had that one recently and he saw it.

Nikki Nitro

The Beast
Last time I watched a Complete show was like 6-7 mths ago. Hv not watch much since. Maybe an occasional show here and there I'll watch. (If I can)


The Showoff
It's like this; open a cookbook and see the ingredients; the amount of ingredients i need for every Raw and SD is quite convoluted so because of the recipe i don't want to watch'. Most of the time if i watch it's because they have me somewhat interested, the other times i choose not to watch there isn't anything they cook that i want to eat, or see on a baking commercial. Roman Reigns is the worst cookbook ingredient ever.

Nikki Nitro

The Beast
. Roman Reigns is the worst cookbook ingredient ever.
Sorry, Styles. Gotta disagree with that statement. He's got good charisma. He's a Good Character. Its Vince that has ppl hating him because of his bookings. They just need to change it up a bit. Idk, Give him some new moves or maybe even a New Outfit. (Pls, If anyone disagree's With this, Explain why u disagreed)
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The Showoff
Rising Star
NXT every week, Smackdown most weeks, RAW 50/50, sometimes watch 205 live which I enjoyed earlier in the year.

Slowly watching RAW attitude era. Up to June 2000. The best parts are great but NXT I think is more consistent and is the better show.

Red Rain

Rude Bullying Rebel
Red Rain Red Rain , Whats ur opinion? Explain to Me why u disagreed? Would love to hear ur input. :emoji_slight_smile:
Roman Reigns' personality isn't suitable to the majority of wrestling fans.

He's too anti-social and straight forward to fans' liking.

They'd prefer a far more creative or at least energetic personality on a week to week basis.

This observation is based on the personalities of wrestlers who, historically, drew a lot of money or sold tons of merch.

Personally, f*ck Roman Reigns. But If all works well, more power to him.


The Last Outlaw
In Attitude and Ruthless Aggression era barely anything could take me away from a WWE program. Now I could care less if miss an episode because it's not as addictive as it use to be. Nowadays I watch every now and then, it doesn't bother me.


The Architect
I've been watching WWE for 21 years

I keep getting further and further away from the product though, watching less and less. This last year especially.

I cancelled my Network Sub some time ago and only got it back for Royal Rumble & WM but not sure why I tune into those anymore lately. Even the big 4 suck every year. I am probably going to cancel it next week again.

MAY stream SummerSlam for free online but maybe not. I never thought I would get away from it as much as I am now but especially lately, even when I hear people talking about it on here I really don't see how that show is interesting in the least fucking bit for the last year or so.

It's been complete garbage, how the fuck can anything make sense to you on that show?

Every single segment is garbage and they're all the same garbage. All the bad guys say the same thing, all the the good guys say the same thing and it's all fucking garbage.

Unless you're talking about NXT... which is probably all I'll be watching for along time that WWE puts out. Still watch NJPW all the time though & ROH sometimes. Hoping NWA starts up strong
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J. C. Wilde

The Tennessee Outlaw
It's been complete garbage, how the fuck can anything make sense to you on that show?
How? Easy, you just quit caring about anything WWE and just accept it, really. Just accept that WWE prefers their talent over grassroots, accept that WWE doesn't allow a face to grow on you and instead they shove them down your throat, and some more things that should be obvious.

[email protected]

The Game
I think people grow out of it as they get older cuz WWE was shit in 2010 and dreadful in 2008, but the fans who grew up in that era love it. 10 years from now we are gonna have wrestling fans talk about how the current product sucks and how it was so much better in 2018. It gonna happen.

Past WWE will always seem better no matter what.

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