How often have you encountered people here on this forum that you just never got along with?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Aztecwarrior480, May 14, 2015.

  1. Just curious. I've been on this account for several months but hardly ever got on during those past several much since I'm busy with work and college. Even with the few times I've got on here, I've only encountered maybe 2-3 people here on this forum who have kind of bothered me with their manipulative self-righteousness(Just because I was different from them) but overall, it's still not bad. Most people here are accepting here, even towards those who aren't too knowledgeable of professional wrestling in general.
  2. I hate everyone because they have no idea what they're talking about. The only man that could save us is the great, mighty @Senhor Perfect
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  3. Many times. When you get a bunch of personalties in one place where opinions are strongly the reason of a forum like this, you will obviously run into one or two people that you may dislike. But when you're active on the forum you'll start to see those users as dysfunctional family members of yours, "The loud mouth brother, The Attention Seeking Brat, The one who was dropped on his head!" etc.

    The solution and possibly one of the best solutions is ignoring the person. (Corny, But it works on the internet!) You don't have to really bother to read their posts, or even engage in conversation with them, whats more is that if they quote you, or try to start a debate/chat/whatever with you, you still have the power to ignore and head onto other threads.

    You can even ignore this post if you like, The power is really up to you when it comes to forums.
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  4. I'm not on this forum often enough for that problem to occur.
  5. @CM Punk did you use the n-word again?
  6. The user is referring to another thread, the one with the abuse kid getting powerbombed. OP is just too much of a pussy to say it straight up.
  7. Care to link? I wouldn't mind seeing a kid being powerbombed.
  8. Sorry man, can't show you the video with me and your sister.

    Alrighty, now I can check my joke of Shadow's sister of my list to do today.
  9. You got me there, Kid
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Maybe just 1 or 2 people. Apparently nigga is offensive to people. Not like I said *****. smh
  12. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  13. Yeah, like 85% of the site.
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  14. Love you too Fooqy
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  15. I'm not really buddy-buddy with 99% of the people on this forum, but I can at least there's only a few people on here who have genuinely annoyed and aggravated me on a frequent basis.
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  16. The question went from '...people....that you just never got along with...' to people you don't like.
    It sounds like two different connotations. We are all on different paths and you're only seeing a very small fragment of the individual you are interacting with.
    None of us are finished products. Not getting along isn't uncommon, but this thread has become subjective and about feels.
    We judge and elude people, mostly out of misconception. Sometimes listening and being compassionate opens the door to go from 'dislike' to 'not my cup of tea'.

    All of you are cool by me, whether you like me or you don't. You all have value and it might surprise you who would help you out of a bind if you really needed help.

    As much as @Delik and I don't get along, he's one of the first people who'd likely give you his last dime if you asked him.
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  17. If everyone liked everyone the world would be a boring place.
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  18. I like a couple of people on here. Fuck the rest of you though, sincerely.
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  19. yes just like there are twats out in the real world there are a few on here. we debate on a topic we like, and we are bound to see things differently. One persons viewpoint might seem a little extreme. A person on here mainly bothers me if they try to hard to be liked, says things to get a reaction or are overbearing with their praise of a promotion/wrestler and come across smug.
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  20. I absolutely understand that this is the internet and clearly I'll be running into a few keyboard warriors every once in a while but for most part, I try to be reasonable and rational about it by ignoring it, shortening my arguments or finishing it by kindly telling them to fuck off. To be honest with you, I don't really give a shit if anyone here likes me. The only thing I care about is being left alone in peace with my own outlooks on things wrestling-related or non-wrestling-related without anyone trying to maliciously send me constant unwanted private messages or constant thread responses that take up and waste a lot of pages of my threads.
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