How Old Were You & How Did You React 2 WWE Being Fake/Scripted?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. I stopped caring about Wrestling.

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  2. I liked it even more

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  3. Disappointed

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  4. I always knew it was fake, just like how I never believed in Santa Claus. :burns:

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  1. When did you find out WWE was scripted and how did you feel? For me I stopped caring about wrestling. I found out when I was 10.
  2. How Did You React 2 WWE Being Fake/Scripted?

    my parents always told me it wasnt real except for like when Rikishi would stick his ass in peoples' faces, which you can't fake
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  3. 13. After a month of watching wrestling. Liked it more tho.
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  4. I was about 4 years old. It didn't bother me at all.
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  5. Always highly suspected, but about spring/summer of 1998, is when I finally admitted it to myself. It was mainly certain things such as thinking "hm, if wrestling WAS fake, then it sure would make sense for Stone Cold to win the Rumble and the belt at WM, considering he is so popular." It was also putting two and two together on other things that should have been obvious already, like the fact that most finishing moves aren't anything close to being the most painful of moves, yet they are always the ones to finish an opponent off just because they're a 'finishing' move.

    It made me like wrestling a little more because there were far less limitations when the whole thing is scripted.
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  6. Wrestling is fake???? what. the. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    thanks for ruining my life
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  8. I was probably 12 or 13.. I dont really remember the transition ;o

    I remember watching the great american bash 2004 and seeing paul bearer being buried in cement and i thought he had really been killed. i was 12 then. i was mortified o.o
  9. I always knew WWE was fake but never fully admitted/cared for it. So I kinda always knew it was fake. Like taker hanging Big Boss Man. Like they would ever show a homicide committed on national T.V. :true: Plus, taker should have been in prison. instead he showed up to RAW the next night after killing someone. Couldn't be real.
  10. Since I started watching, my parents always told me it was fake. It's known as phony fake fighting here in this country full of ignoramuses, so if you start to like it, people will start saying it's fake right away. Never really bothered me though.
  11. The very first time I watched it was with my dad and he told me it was fake. I found it a little hard to believe though cause it was ladder match between Carlito and Jeff Hardy and they were both falling on to ladders and being thrown off them and hit with them. Then I realised of course this is fake you wouldn't get up from that but it entertained me so much that I fell in love with the WWE from the day I saw that.

  12. that aint fake :pity: hurts like hell
  13. I discovered it when I was 6, but that made it even more fascinating. When you expect fake fighting and silly stuff, it's more surprising to see the bumps they actually take. (Yeah, that chair shot was clearly fake. He just hit him lightly despite him clearly swinging with all his might.)
  14. Honestly, fuck all of your parents ruining wrestling for you. That's bullshit in my eyes. Nothing is better as a kid than thinking wrestling is real.
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  15. No option I can vote. I never knew it was fake as a kid, but I took a break from it when it moved to Sky TV and I didn't have it, then when I finally got sky by then I was older and already knew it was fake. I just grew into it, didn't bother me.
  16. This is the same for me. I stopped watching around the time Rock/SCSA went away and HHH was being shoved down your throat, up your ass, and every other hole in the fans body, and by the time I started watching again I was a lot older.
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  17. Well my brother was watching wrestling one day and I watched it also and I just got into like that and at first I thought it was all real but then he said its all fake and I was gutted to find out but I still continued to watch it
  18. I used to watch WWF as a child with my Grandad and it wasn't so obviously fake and scripted,As a kid I watched the likes of Hulk Hogan,Andre The Giant,Warrior,Piper,Brutus......The name a few and it was PROPER entertainment in my opinion it wasn't do much obviously scripted,I used to love WCW on a Saturday afternoon on ITV,but something changed

    It got silly far too silly and really really far fetched which put me off,I eventually started to watch UFC instead,I'm 32 now with children of my own and in the past 6 months I've started to sit down and watch WWE again with my 2 yr old boy,and while I think 60% of it is still far fetched bullshit 40% is good entertainment

    The question is what can they do to get it back to how it used to be in the good old days? I think there's a handful of the old skool guys they could do with bringing back to grab people's attention again
  19. Liked :win:
  20. it's still real to me. :tyson:
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