How played out is Punk vs Heyman

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  1. I mean jesus H Christ. End this shit already

    I say 10/10, it could not be any more played out
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  2. As a Punk Mark, I'm honestly just fed up with seeing Punk fighting Heyman. I'm expecting Brock Lesnar to save him at HIAC and set up Punk VS Lesnar II at somepoint.
  3. As much fun as the first Punk/Bork match was, if it means more Punk/Heyman interaction I vote nay.
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  4. Wouldn't be nearly as fed up with it if being a "Paul Heyman Guy" didn't just mean "hapless jobber" in this day and age. Axel and Ryback can't hold a candle to Punk in kayfabe, either.

  5. In this day and age everyone is booked like a hapless jobber except for 3 or 4 guys, really.
  6. That's true, but this feud never should have been as good as it was thanks to the silly way they split up. Amazing that they've been able to carry this as long as they have. When you saw Heyman with Ryback and Axel, tell me you didn't just laugh. Imagine if Punk had to deal with Mark Henry instead of Ryback, maybe the feud wouldn't be dead in the water then. (Anyone know how hurt that dude is? Where the hell is he?)

    No possible way this goes past HIAC anyway so you only have another week of this... then again I said the same thing with NOC
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  7. I was sure that this was going to be over at HIAC before NoC, but since Punk won the first one I fear that Ryback takes this one and stretches until SS. Ugh. It's really played out because the most important part of the angle was the match with Lesnar and that went by and after the big match there are like three more months of adjacent feuds (sure, I know they had to do it like this but still) so it's tiresome.
  8. The mistake WWE made in this feud was doing Lesnar v Punk as the first match of the feud. It should have been built up to that match, like this:​
    -Punk & Heyman split, start feuding​
    -Punk v Curtis Axel​
    -Punk v New PH Guy (Ryback)​
    -Punk v Ryback + PH​
    -Lesnar returns to save Punk​
    -Punk v Lesnar as a climax at a big PPV​
    That would have been so much better. Ever since SummerSlam, the feud has sucked because Ryback and Axel are nowhere near Punk's level.​
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  9. The whole Punk/Heyman thing should have ended with Lesnar, but I think they're trying to drag this to mania and if so, this sucks
  10. Yup. I realize WWE wants Mania to be the culmination of huge, long storylines, but they need to find a better balance, because they suck at stringing long stories out and they always wind up dragging.
  11. Wouldnt be so bad if Axel was a more interesting person. His in ring is decent, but he's not at the level for a main event against Punk. On top of that, they're using Ryback against Punk, who had the worst feud out of everyone during Punk's reign. Learning from past history is still a thing right?

    Ryback as far as charisma is good though, I did enjoy his bully segments, but the whole hinting homosexuality thing with Heyman is jumping the shark imo.

    Not to merge threads or anything, but Punk vs Cesaro would be a good feud. Heyman could be his mouthpiece and the matches would be guaranteed to be good.

    Or even involving Punk with "The Authority" storyline. I mean isn't he the anti establishment guy, he should be all over that storyline
  12. I put "somewhere between 1-9" but any more of it and i'll give it a 10. At first, it was great. The Lesnar/Punk match was one of the best of the year. It's slowly gotten less interesting for me since. When I woke up tuesday morning, I skipped that entire segment until the end when he accepted the handicap match. I'd go 7/10
  13. I was really into it when the storyline first started. It had nice build especially with Lesnar involved. Now it's just a matter of who can one-up the other and it's predictable regardless of whether Axel or Ryback is involved.
  14. Well, unless they add another Heyman guy for Punk to wrestle with after HIAC (which they won't, it would just be beating that dead horse way past necessary), then it's safe to say it either ends to HIAC or Lesnar reappears and it ends with Punk beating Lesnar at Survivor Series. This feud surely has to reach it's conclusion after one of the next two PPVs.

    My idea was Punk beating Ryback in a cell match and then getting a hold of Heyman afterwards and locking him in the cell with him and beating the life out of him for like five or six minutes or more. Because the only proper way to end this feud without Lesnar reappearing and jobbing to Punk is to just have Punk beat the ever living shit out of Heyman, and with him obviously there in the cell just so that he can eat the pinfall (instead of Ryback taking another one), I'm hoping that's their intended way to cap off this feud, finally.
  15. It's pretty awful to watch now. It's because of who the Heyman guys are in my opinion. Axel has absolutely flopped for me. The guy who cut that insane promo on Tyson Kidd isn't there. He is ridiculously monotone on the mic and has average ring skills. Let's not get started on Ryback.
  16. there was never anyone Heyman could have added that could have seemed like a kayfabe threat to Punk.

    I agree the with whoever said the order was all fucked up. Should have ended with Lesnar, not started with him.
  17. Not a threat no, but an interesting story yes.
  18. Don't think it's their out of kayfabe suckdom that's the problem as much as the in-kayfabe suckage. Heyman deserves an Emmy for keeping a straight face when he said he was in good hands with those two clowns guarding him. Shame he'll lose it to Devon from January.

    Recently read someone call Axel a "jack of all trades, master of none". Sums him up quite well.

  19. there is a jacking off or masturbation joke in here somewhere. I don't think Axel is good for much, sadly. I wanted to believe, like when I realized Jesus probably wasn't real, but he just doesn't have it.

  20. When I watch that, I think Axel let himself down. He has the promo skills somewhere.
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