How quickly do Raw tickets sell out in the UK?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. I'm planning on going to MN RAW for the November 11th show in Manchester with friends. Tickets go on sale on Friday, but I am going away for a few days so will be unable to get them straight away. Does anyone know if there will be still some left on Monday? It's a 20k capacity arena so I imagine there will but could it possibly sell out after a couple of days on sale?
  2. Maybe, but I'd say get someone to buy them for you on the friday and pay them back just to make sure.
  3. When WWE was in the UK at the beginning of 2012 (when it was Punk vs Henry No DQ for the WWE Title, just after Mania 28 I think? Not sure.) the good tickets (ring side, lower bowls) were sold out within hours.
  4. Im planning to buy tickets on Friday to the debut show in Leeds, hoping i get front row seats, its about a 14,000 seater arena but its the debut show there so im going to have to be up early on friday to get them.
    The tickets i got for the Smackdown show in Birmingham were not the best seats at first but when me and my mum(yes im admitting, i went with my mum) were at the arena, we got them changed due to some error and we got some decent seats in the end.
  5. Tip, don't go to the box office to buy them. The best seats (Front row) are all snapped up by people online to re-sell for 3x the price. Your best bet of getting ringside/front row is TicketMaster/EventIM (there new partner they use for tickets).
  6. I was planning to get them from the arena website but i might look at Ticketmaster too, thanks for the tip
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  7. Nothing wrong with going with your mum! Hope you get some good seats :emoji_grin:, enjoy yourself too!
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  8. Ah I read your post as "have to be up and out early on Friday to get them", oops! :haha:
  9. Ive just checked Ticketmaster and according to them, the Leeds date dosent exist, they have the dates for nottingham, London, Glasgow and Belfast. guess ive got to go through the arena website
  10. Look for 'WWE Live' - it's their new name going forward from May for live events.
  11. Lol, dont worry, i do the same thing, i misread things all the time, comes with being very short sighted
  12. I might be going to Nottingham again in November :3!
  13. Edit: here >>

    Go there at 9am on 26th and it should have the link for tickets :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Im on the site right now and they have tickets for the Manchester Smackdown live taping, Nottingham RAW house show and WWE live dates for Belfast and Glasgow. no date for Leeds or any of the other dates, thats weird.
  15. Ive got that link bookmarked and ive got the arena main page bookmarked so i can look on both
  16. BTW, my mum did enjoy the show but she was too busy drooling over Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Randy Orton :jeritroll:
    They did announce that John Cena would be at the Leeds Arena, so this might become harder to get front row tickets XD
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  17. I am going to the Brum show with a couple of mates, do house show tickets sell quickly as I can't order them until the evening. How much are good seats usually when they aren't re-sold.
  18. Not sure, depends on who have announced. Ive got John Cena confirmed for the Leeds one so i might have to snap tickets up quick
  19. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler at the moment.
  20. Just to make a guess. European fans are way more excited about WWE because they don't see it as often, I would imagine that those tickets will sell 2-3 days after they release and even then if you want good seats I would get them the day off.
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