How relevant would this promo be today?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Ill be a douche and leave it with "discuss"

  2. very, it wasn't accurate when he cut it, but completely applies now. ironic
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  3. It would be a shoot promo.
  4. I think it's more accurate now than it was then. Now the WWE is in need of a strong Superstar that would come in and change the course of the WWE.
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  5. 100% accurate and necessary tbh.
  6. Completely true and a promo like this should happen again.
  7. It's quite scary how that promo completely describes modern WWE.
    • The ratings are drastically down from 10 or so years ago
    • The majority of crowds are silent
    • People are changing channel
    • WWE genuinely used to be a captivating and trend setting program.
    • RAW and SmackDown are genuinely snoozefests now most of the time
    • The fans are forced to cheer and care for superstars WWE want them to.
    This is an incredible promo, and if it were spoken now, it would be considered a shoot. And a damn accurate one.
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  8. Would be awesome if someone new debuted and actually cut this promo today. Would completely blow away Punk's original 'pipebomb.'
  9. That's not possible. Greatest promo of all time from the best wrestler in the world. Get a grip.
  10. :notsure:
  11. :pity:

    :pipebomb: !
  12. It's perfect!!!! The rock can even come back and troll him!
  13. This has to happen again. If this happened today WWE would get more fans, if Jericho cut a promo like that some day I'd watch the entire show...
  14. Like someone said it would probably be more of a shoot than a promo right now. It would be more effectful if there was a company on even ground with WWE for the wrestler to jump ship from but it could also work with a debut.
  15. Boy they don't make returns how they used to. The mystery behind the Millenium Man being paid off by Jericho showing up on Raw? Perfect! When was the last time something like that happened? Guess Kane's return counts...

    Would love it if he added "You guys cheer stuff like tag-team wrestling that should be part of the show to begin with" but guess it doesn't mean as much for a character to do that as much as rip the roster. Really just reaching for stuff to say since you guys already covered everything.
  16. It would be very accurate and interesting to watch, I'd love it.
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