how Rock can decide to compete against wwe champion at royal rumble 2012?

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  1. how Rock can decide to compete against wwe champion at royal rumble 2012?

    i am asking now ryback is compete against cm punk then how rock come in middle?
  2. The Rock announced it on RAW 1000 and Ryback just gets the match he never got.
  3. The Rock beat John Cena for fucks sake. He deserves a title shot. wtf did Ryback ever do? Squash 10 jobbers? fuck him
  4. He also lost to Punk at HIAC, and the Shield at TLC. :smug:
  5. and that gave him the chance to be first contender because....
  6. That's the point. ryback never should have been #1 contender because he is just a shithead
  7. I agree to that, but i dont think they´re selling ryback as teh #1 contender, he was just thrown there by vince after punk kicked his arse.

    But my point is, The Rock hasn´t done anything to be #1 contender either, defeated Cena, Cena wasn´t even in the title picture back then, I think would be stupid for them to make Rock win, even if is for a short period of time, the championship needs TV time, not Satellite time
  8. Not sure how beating the face of the company doesn't qualify you for a title match, but to each their own. Rock is winning the title this month. If you are an anti-Rock smark then prepare your anus.
  9. I still have a lingering feeling Punk will walk out the champion somehow. Possibly because 2012 had three different matches where the outcome was the exact opposite of what seemed obvious - Rock/Cena, Cena/Brock, Brock/HHH. Similarly, it seems obvious Rock will win the belt, which makes me think he won't.
  10. Punk going over on Rocky to cement his legacy.
  11. - Punk beaet Rock
    - Ziggler cashes in his MITB
    - Punk vs Ziggler for unified titles

    One can only dream....:woo1:
  12. the rock isn't jobbing to some roody poo candy ass CM Punk.
  13. Ryback won't actually be facing CM Punk for the time being. His feud with CM Punk is nearly over until further notice.
  14. and thank god for that :yes:
  15. The Rock did a movie called 'Tooth Fairy.' Isn't it time we all stop pretending he's a bad ass?
  16. I think Rock's winning, but if Punk retained somehow I wouldn't be surprised.
  17. Just because he played a kiddish role in a movie doesn't mean he isn't a BAMF in real life.
  18. :pity1:

    I started to but nah.
  19. Lol'd

  20. I think he beat former WWE champion Miz just before he got his shot, but yeah I'm excited for the Rock's title match. With the belt around his waist it means he'll have to be in WWE a lot more. I'd be sorely disappointed in him if he had the title and showed up only occasionally.