How Rowan,Ziggler,and Ryback should return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SSheetsJr, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. They should return at the Rumble, but on the next night of RAW, beat up the Royal Rumble Winner (either Bryan or Regins),out of jealousy and join the Authority to get some extra guys on there, then have Sting return and form a Anti-Authority faction with Regins,Bryan,Cena,Orton,and Sandow (who turns on miz and turns face sometime before WM 31) and you have a bunch of good PPV matches for the next few months
  2. So they were fired by the Authority and are going to join the Authority because they're mad at the Rumble winner?
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  3. That's even worse than Big Show getting bullied by the Authority and months later, deciding he wants to join the Authority despite them being out of power for no actual reason.

    Sting should lead Rowan, Ziggler and Ryback against The Authority, starting with light trolling and attacking them, resulting in Sting vs Triple H where if Sting wins, Shane McMahon becomes the new owner of the WWE. If not, Triple H and Stephanie gain even more power. Meanwhile, Rowan gets his revenge win vs Big Show, Ziggler beats Barrett at WM31 and Ryback can use the money from being back in WWE on food so he can stop saying "FEED ME MORE!"
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  4. Them attacking the RR winner doesn't make any sense, whatsoever. If they should be attacking anyone, it's Cena and Cena only. But we all know that's not happening.

    They'll 'miraculously' return at the Rumble or a week before the Rumble, that's for sure.
    Given how The Authority likes to dish out punishment to those who are against 'em, they'll prolly have Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan enter #1, #2 and #3 spots in the Rumble match.
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  5. TS your idea is so bad that WWE might just use it.
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  6. They should return as janitors and then work their way back upto the ring.. only thing that makes sense!
  7. I don't think so. Sure there is a lot of nonsense that passes as booking and storyline in the WWE, but even with that in mind I don't see that happening. They got fired because of Cena, so why would they attack the Rumble winner? For them to come back anytime soon, the only thing that seems plausible would be to have them brought before The Authority and given the option of "earning" their job back. Which is how I suspect this will work out.
  8. All 3 return at the rumble And go after Cena(after its revieled that.Cena has joined the authority)
  9. Cena turning heel? As long as Vince is alive, he'll never swallow that pill.

    As far as them giving Cena some ass whooping goes, it would be nice to see it... But, I doubt they'll do anything to Goody Two-Shoes, they'll prolly just go after The Authority.

  10. I agree....but its how it should go lol
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  11. Aye... Fantasy-booking right there, my friend.
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  12. The one who eliminates Cena gets their job back. It's Ryback.
  13. Rowan has to fight Big Show for his job back, Ryback has to Fight Rusev or Luke Harper or both for his job back, Dolph has to face Seth Rollins & Kane for his job back.
  14. Da Big Guy!

    I mean, would be nice and all, if only Cena was in the Rumble.
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  15. Didn't wanna create another thread, 'cause it's related to this topic...


    Well, color me surprised on how this situation is gonna be handled. It's so unpredictable.

  16. Which i why i think the Rumble should be last, it lets the losers of the title matches a chance to be in the rumble.
  17. I agree, the RR match should be the ME.

    As far as the losers of previous title matches on the show entering the Rumble goes... Well, I don't really have too much against that.
  18. RAW begins and The Authority's music starts up as they come from the back to the boos and jeers of the audience

    Triple H raises the mic to his mouth

    "C'mon guys, we're not that bad... besides we're back because of John Cena! Thank you again John!"

    Stephanie speaks..

    "Yes, thank you John! Now on to RAW tonight... after the events of last Friday night it seems that we have a couple more people that need to be taken care of..
    The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose stuck his nose into business that was not his and tonight we will address that when
    Dean Ambrose will take on Seth Rollins, Kane, and The Big Show in a 3 on 1 handicap match!"

    The crowd boos loudly..

    "Now, last week, last week was a lot of fun.. because of John Cena's reinstatement of The Authority
    Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, and Erick Rowan were all fired and obviously will not be here tonight.:

    The crowd boos once again.. and then a familiar theme song starts playing..
    Vince McMahon enters from backstage and shakes hands with HHH and hugs his daughter before moving back some.

    "First of all, congratulations on getting reinstated.. now I have some news to deliver for Royal Rumble!"

    Triple H and Stephanie look at each other confused but lightly clap anyway..

    "C'mon out guys!"

    Silence as Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, and Erick Rowan step out from the back and the crowd cheers loudly..
    HHH and Stephanie step up to Vince assumingly asking him what's going on.

    "Okay Steph I know I know.. you fired these guys last week...
    well they are here by re-hired and entered into the Royal Rumble match and just to make sure they are not fired again as soon as I leave..
    C'mon out!"

    The loud noise of a cawing crow is heard as the Titantron displays a familiar painted face.. the crowd erupts!
    and out walks Sting!

    "HHH and Stephanie, meet the new Director of Planning and Personnel..
    Sting now has the power to hire and fire and to plan and make changes to matches without prior notice.
    Good luck!"


    Commercial Break.

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  19. Dolph, Ryback, and Rowan should just cause some chaos and show up for the Rumble anyway.
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