How seriously do you take dirtsheets?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. As most news makes is Kayfabe, we only have dirtsheets to really rely on for the insiders news. My question is, how reliable do you think they are? Do you take them seriously? What dirtsheets are good and what are bad?

    For me, I think none of their "exclusives" are actually exclusive, I think all of it is based on their prediction. Some might be true (Lesnar returning to WWE for an example), but some are just predictions (Batista returning). Hell, I'll go as far to say that they based Lesnar on coming back to the WWE on him being in Miami at the time, not the whole he's signed a contract as we've been told by our inside sources thingo.

    I find wrestlezone the most unreliable, firstly because most of the stuff are reposts from other sites, and secondly just because of how predictable their "exclusives" are. Oh and, you guys should check out their comments section, dear god. I want to punch every single one of them.

    I'd say PWinsider is the most reliable, just based on I don't know that many others.

  2. I take them all with a huge grain of salt. I do read the dirtsheets as much as possible, but not for "truth", but just because I find all the gossip entertaining to read about, as it's fun to wonder what might actually be true, or at least partially true. After all, dirtsheets aren't ALWAYS wrong.
  3. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, it's good to read them. And they aren't always wrong. But, I find it just appalling how they call their predictions exclusives.
  4. On a scale of 1-10, about a negative 3. They are fun to read, but you can tell by the wording of them that they are just bullshit and speculation.
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  5. Liked.

    I take them for what they are: the fucking dirtsheets. They name says it all.
    It means, I don't take them seriously at all. I consider them attention-looking-internite-whores sites.
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  6. Your posts never fail to amuse me :yay:


    Pretty much. But sometimes I want to trust them, obviously I never can though. They aren't even journalists, just wrestling fans wanting views on their site.
  7. Like almost everything it must be taken with a big grain of salt. Unless they have almost waterproof sources it's just rumors. And even then I'd still not trust it completely considering how WWE creative can turn on a nickel.
  8. PWInsider is the most accurate by far, they don't print bs.

    Wrestlezone is terrible, their forum is terrible, their "sources" are non-existent.

    I'm sure PWInsider legitimately has an insider, there's even some WWE assosciated "stars" who follow them.
  9. Anyone for Bleacher Report?! :edge:

    Anyway, that's what I read. I get their newsletter several times per week and they're always fun to read.
  10. They're on and off with their predictions. They're the type (in my opinion) to put two and two together, post it and call it the leak of the century.
  11. I don't really dirtsheets, I only read stuff from them that actually gets to forums, like this one, for example. I don't really take them too seriously, no. I could create a site and start saying that Goldberg is going to return or something, I am supposed to believe all of them have inside sources? Because I don't. I don't really take any suspicious thing I read on the internet about wrestling seriously until I see it on TV.
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