How should a Lesnar/Punk feud begin?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, May 29, 2012.

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  1. With Lesnar currently after HHH and Bryan with Punk, Bryan will win the title from Punk @ NWO and retain @ summerslam. So how should a Lesnar/Punk feud be done w/o having it be completely random and out of bloo?

    They're both Heyman guys so they could argue on who's better, or they could feud over the WWE championship in late 2012-early 2013.. What do u guy think?
  2. I see them feuding over the title. Not sure how I'd do it, but involving Paul Heyman in it would be cool.
  3. By decimating him on a random Raw. The best way, IMO.
  4. Simple, but effective. Then, the following week, just give Heyman a live mic and the story writes itself.
  5. MITB is after NWO. I'd have Bryan win at NWO by a bad ref call or something (but make it close), then at MITB Punk gets decimated by Brock Lesnar (it's a NO DQ match with Bryan v Punk) and costs him the match. Lesnar's explanation is "HHH If you weren't scared before, you will be now. I just took out the best this company has to offer.". Unfortunately this means no Punk at Summerslam or perhaps a return promo at Summerslam but no match. Lesnar goes over HHH cleanly and looks like he's going to dominate RAW. Then Punk returns the week after the RAW after Summerslam to confront Brock and now we have a feud.

    That was written in seconds but you could also have Brock mention that he's sick of Punk saying he's a Paul Heyman guy, because there's only one, and it's Brock. This helps bring Paul into the feud as he screws Punk too.
  6. Jeoy boy, spread me some rep. :dawg::burns:
  7. Too much given today.
  8. They should just go straight into it and have a huge fight
  9. The problem is, I can never buy into Punk defeating Lesnar. I know this is pro wrestling, but still...
  10. That's what I thought at first. I got a bit of hate for thinking like that. Brock being in UFC and winning it didn't help but then I realised how epic the matches could be between them and how over CM Punk could. It definitely has more pro's than con's in my opinion but yeah, at first it would be a bit weird.
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