How should Big Show be booked?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. It's no secret that Big Show is pretty hated in the IWC and I completely understand why. He's booked very very strongly, he's pretty horrific on the mic (as a face anyway), he rarely makes his opponents look good and most of his matches are repetitive and boring. Sometimes he may shock us with a decent promo or a one off good match, but otherwise he can be quite boring to say the least.

    So how would you book this 7ft giant? Currently, I'm sort of enjoying his run against Sheamus but I think that's because I enjoy Sheamus looking quite bad, and he has done against Show (apart from the HIAC match). I'm always a big fan of dominant heel runs, but I would much prefer Henry or Brodus Clay to get the heel run Show is getting, because in my honest opinion they're a lot better at it. Where does that leave Show though? I would keep him out of the title hunt forever, unless he's putting over a strongly booked face (like a Ryback for example).

    Otherwise, I would quite like him to be in a heel tag-team. I think he flourished when he tagged with Miz and more so with Jericho. If he has a mouth piece and is just seen as the giant strong enforcer, that's much more enjoyable.
  2. Quick, dominant matches is what he needs. Just to make the guy who eventually beats him have that much bigger of a rub.

    After that, back to tag teams or an enforcer for a stable. I absolutely loved Show with Jericho, with a mouth piece he's great. Perhaps an alliance with Punk, Heyman and Show?
  3. Since Big Show is already champion, I'd just book him as a monster champion until Wrestlemania, where Rumble winner Ryback beats him for the WHC. Show beats Sheamus, then Randy Orton, then wins the Chamber match. Then loses at Wrestlemania.
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  4. Where does that put Ziggler though? I don't see him cashing against Ryback and winning.
  5. tbh I see vickie allowing him to cash in on the WWE Title with her almighty GM powahs.
  6. Crayo GO FUCKSELF! quit putting gaint down! BIG SHOW DESAVRE THE WORLD TITLE! AND BIG SHOW IS WAY FUCKIN BETTER THEN B.GAY AND MARK HERNY! BIG SHOW A FUCKIN GREAT WRESTLER! I AM SICK AND TREAT OF HEAR U DUMB ASS GIANT CAN'T WRESTLE! It the say thing with oh he big he can't put good match it this was the case THE GREAT Yokozuna would never had been Champion then with Umaga (RIP)though he was only IC he was FUCKIN EPIC! IWC ARE SO DUMB something yet PG shit suck but to said a wrestler that a giant can't put on a good match if fuckin desivte and infend. That like said a Black wrestler could not WWE/World Champion b/c he Black and not White! I sick of DUMB ASS AMERMENT u all! The fact is whether after u read u hate me or not I don't care anymore b/c if can amint that Big Show is a good wrestler and that giant CAN WRESTLER! Then U don't deseave to owner this wrestler site! To said that Big Show can not Champion is not fair to a guy who been Screw his hold career 1st WWE Title 1 month in 1999 then his 2nd WWE Title in 2002 was 1 month! Then his Piss 45 secord World Title run! the fact he DESAVRE THE WORLD TITLE! And hopeful he can have it for more then 1 hole month!
  7. I love you so so much. But no, you go FUCKSELF.
  9. The main reason big Show isn't good ANYMORE (pay attention to this word) is his age. Big Show was great in the 90's because he was young and spry. Logic says that when a giant man gets older his body will start giving out on him. Big show is much slower than he used to be and not nearly as agile. It becomes worse since he had Gigantism.
  10. Dude did not watch his match again Shumus at HITC IT WAS FUCKIN EPIC! He can still look good in the ring don't what you are taking about! HE STILL EPIC!
  11. Whilst the match with Sheamus was good it was not great. He isn't up to par with what he could. I would much rather like Big show to retire soon before he becomes too old and either injures himself, someone else or makes a fool out of himself.
  13. You seem to think so but the majority of wrestling fans find Big show and most giants/super heavyweights uninteresting nowadays. That is because they have been over used and pushed at us and used the wrong way. Are you saying that almost every other wrestling fan is wrong or stupid when they say that they don't find Big Show interesting? Even though it is their opinion and right to feel that way.

    We are not saying that you are wrong or stupid for liking Big show either. We are simply stating our collective opinion that we do not like the Big Show. There are better big men out there.
  14. He's rarely good in the ring, 9/10 of his matches are diabolical. He had one good match with Sheamus yeah, and he can still do some cool things at his size yeah, but to watch him regularly is torture.
  15. I said the the mojored of wrestling seem to that "gaint" wrestler can't wrestle! WHICH IS BS! That there amermint oh b/c he gaint he can't wrestler! WHICH IS BS! And I sick of hear people that and that don't REAL point just fact that he a big guy! WHICH IS BS!
  16. I think a factor there is his size. In the old territorial days giant wrestlers/big men travelled between territories so as to not wear out their acts in one place. That way it was a special occasion whenever they appeared and all their moves, no matter how simple looked cool. The problem with Big show I think is not all his fault. He has a pretty limited moveset due to his age now and he is pushed at us so much. If he was more of a silent background enforcer guy who only got in the ring from time to time we wouldn't be as tired of him I believe since his matches would be special occasions.
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  17. He was out the for the rest of Aug-and whole Sept.? U ahve u break from him! Now back to be the World Champion hopleful for more then a month!
  18. So fucking true, the voice of the voiceless is here.
  19. Well I don't watch SmackDown any more so his reign is pretty irrelevant to me. His matches are dull, partly because of his age and move set, and partly because there is many other wrestlers I would want to see have the monster-heel push he has had many many times. Mark Henry > Him in so many ways. Big Show just looks like a nice guy, a "big friendly giant", where as Mark Henry looks like he would eat your child if he could.
  20. I'd have him put younger guys over.
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