How should CM Punk return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., May 24, 2013.

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  1. Since his brief appearance on RAW, April 15th, to discuss his WM loss to The Undertaker, CM Punk has been absent from all WWE shows. Fans want him back to see what CM Punk will do next. Punk will have missed 2 months by the time of Payback and, as it's in his hometown of Chicago, speculation has been building about a possible return for Punk at the PPV.

    This is how I want him to return:
    At Payback, Cena & Ryback are having a good 20 minute match (which is possible as seen at ER), smashing each other up and getting closer to the ambulance. Both wrestlers are now stood next to the doors at the back and CM Punk jumps out, hitting both Ryback & Cena with a steel chair. Punk, who is getting a massive pop from the crowd, hits the GTS on one then the other. Punk runs over to pick up the WWE title and comes back. The final shot of Payback is of CM Punk on top of the ambulance holding the title with Ryback & Cena lying beneath him.
    This leads to a feud between Punk, Cena & Ryback. In a triple threat match at MITB, Cena wins clean because he's has to retain once. The feud ends at SummerSlam as Ryback picks up the title because, face it, he's going to win it sooner or later. IMO, this would be a great way to bring Punk back and liven up a boring Ryback/Cena feud.

    When and how do you want Punk to return to WWE?
  2. Never and I don't.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. OK, I was being a little harsh.

    I would have him return at the Payback PPV in Chicago.

    *Punk's music hits, but it is 'This Fire Burns' (just for my own personal amusement)

    He comes out and picks up the mic, but he is cut off by Vince McMahon.

    Vince comes out and Punk again tries to speak, but is cut off again. Vince says if Punk wants to keep his job, he will have to join the 'Kiss my Ass Club'

    Punk is befuddled, but without speaking he eventually puckers up and starts towards Vince's ass. "Yea, apologize" says vince as Punk's quivering lips grow nearer to his wrinkly arse.

    Upon completion of the task at hand, Punk looks satisfied with himself and tries to speak for the third time, before once again being cut off by Vince.

    "Punk, that was half ass'd AT BEST. I can feel the sincerity in a man's lip when he kisses my ass and for you it wasn't there!

    CM Punk....

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    Sorry, but that is weird ^
  6. I noticed that too.
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  7. By the way, I like your idea of having him interrupt the ER match, but dislike how he jobs twice afterwards. That kills any euphoria around him. If he is to return into the title scene, he has to win the title, or at least get distracted by an interfering Brock Lesnar/Heyman and split into a major WWE feud.
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