How Should Daniel Bryan be booked?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Ever since Bryan has been in wwe i have wanted him to be booked as a deadly submission specialist torturing his opponents and winning matches with different holds each week.

    Do you agree?
  2. No. I'm actually enjoying his character. If he goes back to the over zealous yes guy... It would be awesome
  3. THIS
  4. Also looking forward to him being booked like that, but tbh, I think he's still 30, considering that he'll probably be around for many years to come, it's good to keep him fresh by having a few different gimmicks (comedy, like these days, included, as long as it's not that over the top), so he can have a solid ME run for a few years with a more serious gimmick, which would be stale if they did it since the very beginning. I think/hope that's the case.
  5. AW: How Should Daniel Bryan be booked?

    I liked his booking before wrestlemania last year the most. Cocky heel with a napoleon complex...
  6. Bryan being booked by the type of wrestling style he uses would be boring. We know he's a wrestler, that's why he's in WWE. I'd rather him stay with his current gimmick than that.
  7. I'd like him to just be booked as less of a comedic wrestler. His abilities speak for itself, and he can do any angle well, by telling his story in the ring. That's art, and that's how wrestling is supposed to be.
  8. yeah i want him to be more serious also i just want to see him as a singles wrestler having memorable matches but he is not being given the chance to show what he can truly do. Maybe that will come down the line but i still feel Bryans time in wwe has been slightly disappointing.
  9. Well his biggest knock was his mic work. He and kane cut a promo almost every week and he does pretty damn well. His title reign was pretty cool but they ended it in 18 seconds at mania? That's where I drew the line. Overall, i'm content with his time in the WWE. He had a great match with CM Punk for the WWE championship at money in the bank (despite the fact AJ was invovled) She was only involved in the ending of the match after taking a bump and heading to the back. The only thing missing in that match from his ROH days was him telling the crowd to "shut the fuck up"
  10. Well hopefully he can get back into the WHC scene later this year and hopefully a feud with Ziggler. He has had good matches but this whole Kane partnership needs to end its been fun but i just want to see Bryan in various singles feuds.
  11. I think it will happen sooner rather than later. Patience my friend. Rome was not built in a day. Bryan IS the best wrestler on that roster.
  12. your right it will happen,It will be worth the wait.
  13. BTW OT but you look like a Malenko fan? That was DB's favorite wrestler growing up. Boy are they similar.
  14. Yeah malenkos matches are just amazing just such a underrated talent, DB was supposed to train at Malenkos school but it went out of business so he went to HBK school.

    They are very similar it would be one of my dream matches tbh.
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  15. Best TECHNICAL wrestler, not the best wrestler. If you are gonna talk about best wrestler, punk, tripple h, lesner and taker says hi.

    Inbefore u say "theres no difference",

    Best Technical wrestler = can perform various technical moves, can perform lots of submissions, can perform matches that are great to watch.

    Best Wrestler = Can perform some technical moves but not as many as pure technical wrestlers, can perform submissions but doesnt usually win the match via submissions like technical wrestlers do often, however a great wrestler be knows how to tell a story through a match. When you look at the likes of Taker and micheals, none of them are exactly technical wrestlers, but the reason they have some of the greatest matches of all time is because they can tell a story through their match. They know when to up the tempo and when to calm things down, when to excite the crowd with big moves and when to slow things down with punches and submissions.
    In the end it takes more than just technical moves to perform great matches, undertaker will always be the biggest example of that.

    Now on topic, the question is whether DB and Ziggler can rise to that level yet. Maybe DB can, but incase of Ziggler i would say negative, as of now anyways.

    Eitherway none of them has enough starpower.
  16. :true:
  17. I think your definition is different from mine. Either way, i'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
  18. Bryan knows how to tell a story just look at his punk matches and the 2 out 3 falls with sheamus.Bryan contolled the crowd like a boss in the sheamus match.
    That comes with experince and Bryan has that.

    Bryan is the best wrestler on the roster he combines techanial ablity with great storytelling.
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  19. CM Punk is superior in other aspects but DB is slightly more sound in the ring. Great post brother.

  20. Punk is on my list for the best wwe wrestlers currently on the roster. Please show me a Daniel Bryan match in wwe that wasnt against Punk/Cena which could be given a 5 star rating?
    Bryan is like benoit, he can have some limelight and championship feuds, but the upper midcard is where he will stay for the majority of his career, he isnt main event material.
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