How should Mark Henry's career end?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. With Dallas, Texas hosting Wrestlemania this year (and the night after) I figure this is it for Mark Henry.
    In his hometown, I expect a cheerful sendoff for a guy almost universally beloved.

    I had an angle where Henry would goad Cesaro into giving him a match at Wrestlemania.
    Cesaro would initially but eventually relent officially assuming the mantle of the 'World's Strongest Man;.
    I still like this idea incase Cesaro can return for the angle in time for the big event.

    My other idea involves Braun Strowman ending it the night after Wrestlemania.
    In an ideal world, Henry could have even won the Andre the Giant battle royal the night before.
    Strowman, angrily challenges Henry after being eliminated in the Battle Royal by Henry and Big Show the evening prior.

    This isn't some huge angle, but I believe a Henry retirement match would be well received by the Dallas fans. Opinion? Ideas?
  2. Cool thread, and I can see a feud where he eliminates a couple of guys in the Rumble just to be pushed over by Kalisto in a clever way, but he has to work for it. Maybe a couple of near misses, a springboard dropkick before leaping into a big hurricanrana, Henry stops him midway, Kalisto holds the ropes and eventually is able to pull Henry out... A spot like that.

    So then Henry gets enraged. For a few weeks, Mark throws Kalisto through doors/walls, into stuff, attacks random people for staring, yells random stuff, barks away security, puts the fear of God into Stephanie... Just in general become the Mark MF'n Henry we know and love again. Injury angle before Fast Lane and they add Henry vs Sin Cara for that show, which ends in a stretcher job.

    2 weeks before Mania, Henry comes out in the salmon-colored jacket again and announces that - for real this time - this Wrestlemania will be his last (in a Mark Henry way, @Leo C got a quote?) before the Dragon comes barreling down the ramp for the surprise attack and calls him out on his bullshit. They both get squash victories on the go-home show before they do their best Bayley and Nia Jax at the PPV as Henry does the honors on the way out the door.
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  3. That sounds awesome man. Good post.
  4. I think him winning the big Battle Royal at WM32 could be great, especially if he goes out like a face but still with his "Hall of Pain" gimmick (basically give him a massive push beginning with the Rumble), that would be amazing. Then maybe the next night, he comes out in front of the adoring post-WM crowd and announces that he will retire, but Cesaro comes out and wants one final match, where Henry puts him over. Haha, I can't think of many good ideas past the AtGMBR at WM32, that would probably just be perfect.
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  6. Kane, Goldust, Big Show, and Mark Henry should have a Fatal 4 Elimination match. Losers have to retire.
  7. Mark Henry had said he'd like Daniel Bryan to end his career. So, I have nothing against that.

    But if DB's WWE in-ring career is truly over, then I'd like for the Swiss Superman to retire The World's Strongest Man, definitely.
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  8. Goldy better win.
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    Damn, that day was awesome. I remember a friend of mine who knew I was a Mark mark (get it) told me he retired for real just to work me. The joy in my eyes when he hit Cena, oh man.
    As far as what Henry should do, fuck it, win the belt. Screw Roman, have Henry destroy him like he did to Orton in the glory days of 2011. Afterwards I don't care
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  10. BABY IM COMING HOME :henry2:
  11. Depends on Henry's own view in regards to how he wants his send off to be received.

    Does he want the respectful, pat-on-the-back and warm response from the fans for all the contributions he's made over the years? Or would he prefer that his character be "killed off" by letting someone else destroy him to the point where he's forced (in kayfabe) to retire afterwards? Foley, Jericho, and JBL are guys who prefer the latter. Kane probably does too, given his strong penchant for putting guys over instead of hogging the spotlight for himself. Henry did say recently that he would love to retire losing to Daniel Bryan at next year's Wrestlemania, so Mark probably prefers the second option as well.

    Here's a few different ideas, feel free to pick the one that you think is best:

    1. He wins the Andre Memorial Battle Royal, announcing his retirement either beforehand or after. I know some will complain that the win here should go to someone who could use more of a rub, but since when has winning any battle royal aside from the Royal Rumble proved to be any sort of useful rub? Next year's event is on Henry's home turf and winning a match like this one is a cool way for him to go out and also a logical fit for someone who calls themselves "The World's Strongest Man."

    2. Same as above (minus the part about Henry announcing his retirement), except The Wyatt Family destroys him the next night on Raw and get a much-needed credibility boost for finally doing some permanent damage to someone. Braun Strowman dishes out the brunt of the attack, because reasons, and then Bray puts the final touch on it. Their reasons for attacking him may not be completely arbitrary either; Maybe Strowman was the final person that Henry eliminated the night before to win the ATGMBR. The Family wouldn't take too kindly to that.

    3. He feuds with Kevin Owens (i.e. Henry would be the BAMF who steps up to bully the bully), loses, and then KO sets an example by viciously attacking him after the match in a manner so brutal that it forces Henry to retire, causing Owens' credibility and bad-ass points to go up several notches. Doing this in Texas (on the post-Mania Raw, let's say) would be ideal.

    4. He turns heel and is the first challenger that gets served to Reigns' after Wrestlemania. You could get a good month or two out of them feuding over the belt. Reigns fucks Henry up so bad (a very harsh spear off the stage, maybe) by the end of it that Henry is left with no choice but to call it a career.
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  12. Like it began.

    With him fumbling his lines and failing to take off his pants
  13. I prefer #3. It was very similar to my second idea, but my idea had a glitch.
    I dislike Strowman submitting the babyface into retirement.
    Instead, a relentless Henry refuses to tap so Rowan distracts the ref and Wyatt plants Sister Abigail.
  14. I was envisioning him being jumped in a segment rather than in a match, but a match against Strowman would do fine, too.

    On the "he refuses to tap, so Bray interferes" part, having him pass out instead would work ten times better. Then the Family surrounds him as he's slowly starting to crawl back to his feet and put a final collective beat-down on him to seal his fate for good.

    All and all though, I prefer #3 and #4 myself.
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