How Should Undertaker's Retirement Be Booked?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Undertaker is one of the biggest icons and legends in WWE history. He has the most mysterious and (in the opinions of many) greatest gimmick ever, the greatest undefeated streak ever, has been apart of pretty much every major era since Hogan changed the face of wrestling/sports entertainment in the 80's (the Hogan Era was still going when Taker debuted, even though it was on it's last legs), and has had feuds or matches with pretty much every major player from all the different eras - Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Yokozuna, Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Kane, Big Show, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Edge, CM Punk, etc. He also faced Ric Flair in a pretty good match at Wrestlemania 18 and would have also faced Ultimate Warrior in '91 but Warrior got fired before they could pull the trigger on it.

    The WWE would easily make his retirement the biggest in history, even more so than Flair's in 2008. After all, Taker is a WWE star, while Flair's main legacy is mostly in NWA/WCW.

    Anyway, the question of how to book his retirement obviously will tie into whether Undertaker should keep or lose his prestigious Wrestlemania streak, which has now reached the 20-0 milestone as of last year.

    I always imagined Taker's retirement being at Wrestlemania (win or lose) and then the next night, they do some special effects shit that symbolizes him 'resting in peace for good.' Similar to the 1994 Royal Rumble, except different. Maybe the druids carry a casket out to the ring (with other druids also carrying torches on both side of the entrance way leading all the way to the ring, the way they used to be when Taker entered at Wrestlemania) in the dark with some ominous music playing, and then they get the casket in the ring and it opens up and Taker is laying in it, motionless and "dead." But regardless, we hear his voice throughout the building (also similar to RR '94, except Taker himself is still motionless in the casket) giving some speech about how after years and years of 'slaying various dragons' and 'defending his kingdom' (imagine some weird dark talk similar to RR '94 once again), it is now he who has finally be laid to rest... For good. Then the casket closes and then something else mysterious happens, maybe a big ass light shines from the ceiling onto the casket and then begins to sort of flash on and off rapidly until a large explosion happens (sound effect only) and the whole arena goes dark, and when the lights come back on several seconds later, either there's only a casket in the ring but Undertaker's body and the druids have completely vanished, or perhaps the casket has mysteriously disappeared as well. It shows that Taker is finally gone for good and is never seen again on WWE television (to keep with the mystique of the gimmick.) His induction into the HOF might throw a wrench into this idea, but that's another story.

    My point being, this whole 'resting in peace for good' would be symbolized much better if he actually lost the streak the night before. Because it's the only thing 'keeping him alive' so to speak, both kayfabe and non-kayfabe, as it's the only reason Taker hasn't retired yet. But at the same time, if there isn't anyone better than John Cena (or possibly CM Punk), then I feel he shouldn't lose it at all. It would add some mystique to the Wrestlemania brand name, knowing there would always be someone with this awesome streak who had never been defeated, but it's also too big of a moment to pass up, in my opinion. I do feel a baby face should end it because it should end cleanly even if the person becomes hated as a result (though there's no guarantee that someone would automatically be hated just because they broke the streak.)
  2. Ideally the person who should end the streak, if it were to end, is Kane. It would make sense storywise for Takers "brother" to beat him at WM and it could send off both Taker and Kane into retirement with Taker's streak being broken and Kane "destroying" his brother. You could also work in the third time is the charm element seeing as how Kane has already lost twice to Taker at WM. The only problem with that is WWE has made a mockery of Kane for the past 10 years, so the only way it would be acceptable for him to get that victory would be for him to go into super heel mode i.e 2003, but I can't see WWE reviving that side of Kane at this late in his career, plus he can't do that in the PG environment. The only other person I wouldn't mind ending it would be Lesnar. So if they can't properly setup Kane or Lesnar ending the streak, then I'd much rather have him keep the streak.
  3. I think I agree with kanenite, it should really be Kane. Although the Punk fan in me would love to see him get to end it and WWE put everything they have behind him doing so. (I also have a horrible feeling Triple H would try to take the crown but the opportunity needs to go to one of the top guys of right now).

    I do wonder if an unexpected appearance/speech just gracefully bowing out might be better but I know I'd rather see him go out with a bang in one hell of a match.
  4. In my opinion the Streak shouldn't be broken. Taker should just show up at a RAW or a Mania or Survivor Series (he debuted at Survivor Series) and just bow out. Probably stare someone down (Trips, Kane, someone he has been connected to). Lights go out and once they come on all that is left of Taker is the hat, the coat and the urn.
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  5. Sounds just right to me if that's the way it gets played!
  6. I think he should lose to an up and comer at WM and then on the next day something like what KL said happens. Kane ending his streak would make sense storyline wise but he's been buried too much for that, plus it wouldn't help anyone.
  7. I agree with stopspot
  8. I'd find it underwhelming if they had Kane break it, or if they just had him vanish after a confrontation or something. Kane's lost twice and has been made into a joke over the years, and given some of the things they've done in the past (Taker disappearing from the casket at RR '94 and '98, his hand coming up from the grave at Buried Alive '96, etc.), they need to go all out. (Survivor Series is a dead PPV and can't even be considered one of the major four PPVs anymore, Taker's legacy pretty much rests with Wrestlemania at this point.)

    They'll probably do Cena/Taker at WM30, with Taker calling Cena out by saying he's the biggest challenge left for him and he wants to defend the streak one last time (or vice versa, it'll be Cena who makes the challenge), and then Cena breaks it or Taker makes Cena his last victim (hopefully the latter.) I'd be pretty much fine with that, although I still think the streak being broke would be better.
  9. you'd rather have Cena break the streak than Kane? C'mon man
  10. No, but WWE would obviously prefer Cena over Kane. I also don't think a Kane match would be anywhere near as big as a Undertaker Wrestlemania match has become accustomed to being. Honestly, neither should break it but I could see the bigger argument (by far) for Cena breaking it. Won't happen though, Cena has too much respect for Taker (just like others who Taker has wanted to break it but refused.)
  11. Zack Ryder vs Undertaker vs Mark Henry vs Sin Cara on a "Fatal 4 way,key to open the Super Dragon's basement on a pole match"

    The Concept is that they battle for a key ( that is on a pole ) to open Super Dragon's basement and get a lawnmower

    I know Great Concept, and No I am not and I am not affiliated to Vince Russo
  12. I guess we'll just have to disagree there
  13. Okay, so here's my idea on it.

    First, his opponent will be no one other than Kane.

    They have a feud build-up from Survivor Series untill Wrestlemania 30, where both Kane and Undertaker will have their last match.

    After a long, hard fought match, Kane will Chokeslam Taker, where Taker sits up and gives Kane a Chokeslam as well.
    Then, both men will get up and look eachother in the eye, where Undertaker Tombstone's Kane, where Kane will kick-out from. After that, Kane will go for a Chokeslam and a Tombstone on Taker, but Taker kicks out as well.

    After a short brawl, Undertaker will go for the Last Ride on Kane, where Kane kicks out from. Then Kane goes for another Chokeslam, where Taker will kick out from, but then be in really bad shape.

    Kane will stand in the middle of the ring looking at Taker who is gasping for air on the ground. Kane looking over the crowd, then making the ''throat slice'' taunt which will tell it is over. Kane will Tombstone Undertaker for the 3-count.

    Both men completely done laying on the ground not moving. When Druid's will come out with flaming sticks and four Druid's rolling a casket down the ramp.

    After they are lined up, Paul Bearer comes out with his urn saying: ''My child, time has finally come, it's over. It's time to finally Rest In Peace.''

    After everything is lined up, Undertaker still isn't moving, or hasn't moved a bit. Then Kane will carry Taker to the casket and will lay Taker in the casket.

    Then, the druids will ride the casket towards the titantron, where a big thunder will struck on the casket, where a big ''dong'' will be heard, and the lights will go off.

    After the light's will go off everyone and everything is gone. Only a picture will show on the titantron saying: ''Undertaker 1990-2014 Rest. In. Peace.''
  14. Unless its a casket match, i think alot of people would be pissed if the match didnt have an official winner. That would be OK if Kane won by pinfall. I could also be cool if instead of the thunder, Kane did his arm raise thing, but instead of his pyro going off, it sets the casket on fire and Kane does the Undertaker kneel thing. Sort of like this just setup differently:
  15. :eww:
    Don't have Kane defeat the streak.
  16. Just my thoughts on it that I wanted to share. No worries. :Smug:
  17. Just a new quick idea that ran through my head - if Taker ever lost his streak, I think it would be cool if at the end of the match, when the guy fighting him is giving him a beat down and trying to use everything he can on him to put him away, Taker actually, while on his knees, looked up to him and did the cross throat thingy that Taker uses to signal the end (i.e the tombstone, usually) is coming, except here, he is doing it to signify his own end, basically telling his opponent to go ahead and finish him already. Michaels did the same thing to Taker at Wrestlemania 26, if you'll recall.
  18. That would be an epic moment, good idea.
  19. Perhaps it's just me, but I really don't want any kind of retirement party/speech. Mostly because I just don't think it fits his character. I can't really form the words to express why perfectly though. The best I can muster is Undertaker addressing the crowd to say goodbye just doesn't feel like the Deadman to me.

    Personally I want to see something along the lines of after Taker defeating John Cena at Mania next year, doing his signature victory pose before the gong goes off and the lights turn off. When the lights come back Undertaker is gone and that's it. You can still get the point across that Taker left because he defeated Cena and had nothing left to do or prove. In fact, assuming he doesn't appear at this year's Mania (I think he will though, but still), you can build this into End Of An Era. For those unaware, in some press conference/interview thing years ago, John Cena actually challenged Taker to a match at XXX. Or said he wanted to face Taker at Mania XXX, can't remember exactly. Anyway, the point can be made that after Taker defeated Triple H he was satisfied to Rest In Peace but Cena dragged him back out for one more match. Once Cena's defeated, he's gone for ever to Rest In Peace like he planned to after End Of An Era; it's a little more subtle than him out right stating it and I much prefer it. Also, you can bring back Paul Bearer and the Urn to give his career a book ending.

    Realistically, it could still fit in. You can have other people, like Cena and Kane put over Undertaker during the night if you really want to celebrate him. While WWE would certainly would however that doesn't mean Taker would and in the end of the day WWE's going to give Taker what he wants. I don't particularly know whether he'd just leave without anything big à la Jericho or whether he'd want something a bit more extravagant but based off past instances I'd say the littler focus is more likely.
  20. he should retire undefeated, the streak shouldn´t be broken, he should go asi the biggest
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