How should we punish Adam and Jono?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else absolutely tired of reading threads turn into dolly fights between Adam Aries and Jonathan? They both have the biggest hard on for each other I've ever seen. They're flirting without even knowing it, but it is pissing off the entire user base and is ruining precious threads.

    As of this thread, they're both on their last warning regarding their bitching to each other, and us staff want ideas to what we will do to them if it continues. We can go on the serious route of one day bans which keep extending the more they do it, or we can go down some humiliation allays where our creative members could perhaps make an avatar of them both kissing which will be forced to be worn on both profiles (along with signature changes and shit).

    Whilst I seem light hearted, I - as well as everyone else - want their crap to stop as it tears apart a little bit of my soul daily. Contribute some ideas, or just vent how fucking immature they are and maybe public humiliation/scathing will force them to stop being absolute children.
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  2. i say ban both 'em bitches. :awyeah:
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  3. Don't be such a hypocrite. You laugh at my jonobombs on him every day.
  4. A one way trip to Kenmore, New York.
  5. Anytime they reply to eachover, their avatar, usertitle, signature and bio will both change expressing their love for the other person, with graphic hearts, a picture of them and a poem made specifically for them.
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  6. Make a group, put them both in it, and restrict their use to that group :happy:
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  7. You're like 99% of the reason why I made this thread.
  8. Couple day bans?
  9. Like when I quote him, it's supposed to play Friday by Rebecca Black? Yeah, you suck cause that don't work!
  10. That's not enabled... yet.
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    Make it their signature and they are unable to change it. Also, maybe put them into a limited group for a day?
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  12. I will leave until it's removed if anything like that is put on. And I'm deadly serious.
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  13. inb4someonetriestobereallycleverandputitontogetmetoleavesothattheflamingwillend.

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  14. [​IMG]

    You leaving would mean the punishment works, because we wouldn't be reading your shitty arguments publicly any more.
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  15. That would be letting Adam succeed. This will not happen.

    |=| \______________________/

    Use the stairs when entering the care pool.
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  16. Getting seriously tired of this bullshit.
  17. Mudwrestling match..

    Winner gets mod for a week. Loser, permanently has to have '(Insert Winners name here)'s bitch' as their usertitle.

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  18. Getting seriously tired of you being staff.

  19. Make a Special Group for them, Then make sure they can only post in that Group's page.
    The Group should only Contain Adam and Jonathan.....Who knows, they might come out as BFF....or Even....Lovers.....
    Either this idea or Editing their recent post to something embarrassing.
  20. I didn't do anything, right??? :emoji_slight_frown:
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