How should WWE book Ziggler?

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  1. The answer to the headline question seems pretty obvious, but think about it for a moment.

    Ziggler's really over despite near-constant jobbing. While we're all happy he's champion, what if they booked him strongly? Would the more casual fans react accordingly, or would they call bullshit?

    It looks like they're going to book him just like the Miz, where he'll go over midcarders on Raw, be booked like a big deal on Smackdown, and win matches dirty on PPV. Would that type of booking help Ziggler out, or would it amount to nothing in the end?

    Would you use this opportunity to book a character change or even a face turn?

  2. Wouldn't bother me if he wins dirty because he's a heel. What does bother me though is that he jobbed last week for no reason whatsoever. Have him be a dirty, cheating heel, but for that to work he can't be losing all the time in non title matches.
  3. As Senhor said, he just can't job clean. Beating jobbers/jobbers to the stars clean, great, winning dirty on PPV is also OK.
  4. Have him win matches, give him a good feud with a good angle and trust his talent.
  5. Have him win a long string of matches as champion (usually cheating, but the occasional clean victory doesn't hurt, heels win matches cleanly, too) so that he doesn't look like a joke of a world champion. I hope that job to Jack Swagger last week was just a rare occurrence because they needed to get Swagger back in the title match because otherwise, it's baffling having your current world champion job to the guy who couldn't even win the title himself at Wrestlemania. Only highlights how much of a paper champion Ziggler is looking like already.

    As for a face turn, I think one way to turn him is to have him win a string of matches cleanly and then eventually have him cut a promo on both AJ and Big E Langston, where he says he barely won when they were supposed to be watching his back and now he's winning matches without needing their help at all. For being so useless, he dumps them both, or something like that. I love him much better as a heel, though. He's the closest to a modern day Mr. Perfect there is, and he was always better suited to play the heel role.
  6. I made a thread on how I thought he should be booked. Because he is genuinely a better wrestler than most of the locker room, they could emphasise on that. Have everyone try and beat him, but he has too much "skill". Not power, but skill, and is considered one of the best mat wrestlers in WWE. If you were to keep him heel with it, you just use his wrestling talent for showoff promo material. You could have him pick fights with random NXT jobbers in the back, and they fight back, but lose because of how skilful Ziggler is.

    An example of this is this video:

    You will see in this video (about a film) who the "heel" is, and which one Dolph would be (the one with light hair). You could build an underdog feud pretty well with this. However, this will never happen, and is purely fantasy. So as for what I would do in WWE, I would have him booked like Bobby Roode.
  7. Just have him win matches. I would have guys like Santino and Zach Ryder(Yeah I know we're tired of him jobbing, but still...) job to him for a couple of weeks, and build up Ziggler more and more while attacking the challenger for his world title on their matches. Then when they finally make him seem legit enough to go with the high card guys, become a dirty heel. If they're gonna stick Big E with Dolph, then use him right, even use AJ. During matches AJ can distract the ref while Dolph hits his opponent, not with a steel chair, but with a signature weapon of his own, or Big E can go in and knock out the guy. Even use AJ to maybe seduce the opponent and kiss them or something while Zigger goes for a low blow.

    Or take another route if they decide to take Big E and AJ away. If Ziggler stays heel or even a face, make him into a Rocky type of character in the sense that no matter how much of an ass kicking he takes, he keeps coming back for more and continues to fight. It would be pretty good since Ziggler is tremendous at selling, and him not giving up shows that he is very very tough. Also let him get a good offense in the beginning of the match. Let him show how off his moves, and be able to do some damage to his opponent as well.
  8. Don't change a thing and have him job continuously. Obviously.
  9. clearly just make him "back up" what his gimmick portrays. #showoff.
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  10. I personally see Ziggler boasting about just how good he is and there will never be anyone better than him, And Big E turn on him because lets face it hes a beast! And AJ and big E will betray him and ziggler will turn face.
    I prefer ziggler as a cocky heel but with the crowd popping everytime his music hits.. I can see WWE cashing in and turning him face.
  11. They should make him look like a strong heel, not winning matches cleanly. Take the triple threat at Extreme Rules, have Swagger hit the Gutwrench on Del Rio, lock in the Patriot Lock, keep it locked in for a couple of seconds. Then BOOM! Superkick, Ziggler covers Del Rio, and retains the title. As for other matches, they should NOT involve Big E or AJ, that'll just make him look like a weak champion, because while it builds him as a heel, it builds Big E more than anyone.
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