How sloppy was that Shield/Wyatt segment?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. The introduction to the Reigns vs Bray match was perfect because it built even more tension amongst the ranks of Shield with Ambrose's promo, and it set the stage to finally end the feud with the two biggest dogs going at it one on one. Naturally it doesn't end one on one but that's fine because you can play Dean screwing up to further build the Shield break-up story, and use it to officially end the Wyatt vs Shield story...

    But then, it just turned to shit. Ambrose came out and saved Rollins, and then interrupted the match causing a DQ, but the commentators hardly sold that at all. The crowd reaction kinda showed how confused everyone was and it turned out to just be a typical Wyatt vs Shield segment where Shield came out on top. No one sold Dean screwing Reigns and it literally helped nothing. I'm unsure if it was booked in that way or if something unexpected happened to cause the uncertainty, but it was just a mess compared to their recent segments. Anyone else agree?

    If it were me, I'd have done the split tonight. You could have had Ambrose overhear Reigns and Rollins bitching about him when he went, and when he came to "save" them tonight he could have just sat there and watched them get beat on and watch the Wyatt's cost Reigns the match. Have him cut some psycho smile with his badass leather jacket and see the remaining Shield members watch him walk off. Bam, they've split, and the inner-feud begins.
  2. Cena is injured, so it looks like they're gonna be having Wyatts/Shield again. No break up yet
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  3. Probably an insurance. If Cena's injury is legit/serious they'll probably do Shield vs Wyatt 2 at the biggest stage of them all.
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  4. Didn't even know Cena was injured, wow.
  5. Hyperextended kneecap/ dislodged kneecap or something during the Wyatt beatdown. Some say its a work, some say its legit.
  6. We got eleven shows to go till Wrestlemania, so if The Shield were gonna split before then, it makes sense to draw out the feud with the Wyatts a little longer. Their failure to obtain any sort of victory over the Wyatts and their failure to maintain any composure amongst themselves eventually brings about their own downfall. As mentioned and noticed on Raw, Ambrose is already starting to crack and it's only a matter of time before he turns on the other two.

    I wouldn't really mind them booking a Shield/Wyatts rematch, though. Just make it a tornado style tag team match this time around (and The Shield breakup can always be saved for post-Mania, as I always felt it should have been anyway.)
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  7. Legit. Already have pictures to prove it, it's already posted in a Gohan thread.

    Post-Mania breakups are cliche, but logical. I just hope they do it wonderfully.
  8. Rocking a semi over the thought of a TLC, loser-splits-up rematch at Mania tbh, that's how it should have been done in the first place. However, I'm sure Cena won't miss the biggest night of the year.
  9. Multiple dirt sheets are reporting it as a fake. I'm gonna stay on the fence until this develops a bit.
  10. More & More reports are coming out saying it is a dislocated knee, still nothing official, they're saying though that they believe it wasn't fully dislocated so he most likely won't be out for too long so they will use the real injury as an angle. The one reason I think it's legit is because of the name of this topic, that segment seemed too sloppy and thrown together real quick just so they could save face pending terrible news with Cena. At this point though it's still possible for Cena to face off against Wyatt.

    He apparently refused an MRI on the scene and refused treatment which led them taking him to a local hospital and he still ended up refusing the MRI, all these reports stopped coming in like 6 hours ago so we should be hearing more very soon I would imagine.
  11. I did think it was dumb Amrose just gets in the ring and starts beating on Bray, duhhhhhhhhhhhh. Help Rollins hold off the two guys outside you dipshit.

    Honestly, I'm still in awe of the fact that the Shield/Wyatt match didn't end when it was down to just Rowan and Reigns in the ring. I thought Reigns would hand that guy his ass.
  12. The segment makes perfect sense now I know about Cena's injury. I had no idea the dude was injured so subsequently thought it was sloppy as hell. It's pretty obvious they're just trying to leave the door slightly open so they can return to it should the worst scenario happen. If they know Cena's fine though then I go back to what I was saying -- poor as hell.
  13. I think they did this to save 'Mania from Cena getting injured but I read some dirtsheet that the injury is to play in the match with Wyatt vs. Cena....

  14. I didn't even read your guys' replies. Looks like you guys said it before me.
  15. Did the same thing ⬆⬆

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  16. Because MRI isn't a good option for his injury, Bone structures cannot be seen clearly. A Patella PA X-ray will work better for him, 'specially if he already has surgical implants or sometin'. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. pretty much have the shield 2 members rollins get destroyed reigns distracted and loses. then next week where were you dean 6 man tag wyatts vs shield and dean walks out set up reigns vs ambrose best way to do it but we'll see what happens
  18. Yea, it was all really random and I think they may have audibled when Cena got hurt. who knows
  19. What's the point of refusing an MRI lol. Even if you are tough and want to work through it you should still find out exactly what is wrong Cena you dipshit
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