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  1. ...if when Sting and Undertaker wrestled at next year's Wrestlemania (assuming the match happens at all, of course... I assume it will), they ended up putting Sting over Undertaker?

    I have a feeling this is an incredibly likely scenario if they square off. For one, next year is almost certainly gonna be the Undertaker's final match, so it's likely that he'll put someone over in his final bout since the old adage is that you go out on your back and Undertaker is old school like that.

    Secondly, I don't see Sting losing two consecutive Wrestlemania matches, especially with next year's show being set in his hometown of Dallas, and going over the Undertaker will be more than enough to rectify his loss to HHH this year. I think WWE will give Sting at least one big Wrestlemania moment that involves a significant victory, don't you? And the feeling might be that since he's already come in and put someone over right out the gate, then perhaps the right thing to do is to put him over next year. I know some will say that Sting vs Undertaker sort of symbolizes the Monday Night Wars in it's own way and that they wouldn't put Sting over Taker for similar reasons that they didn't put him over HHH this year, but they don't have to market the match that way.

    And thirdly, well, it's just an intuition I have and my intuitions are usually correct. [​IMG]

    I know a lot of folks will probably respond by saying they don't give a shit enough about the match at this point to care either way (which is a reasonable response that I can't fully disagree with since I share similar sentiments), but for those that do care, how surprised would you be (if at all) to see them book Sting as the only other man aside from Brock Lesnar to defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
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    I wouldn't be surprised in the least.
    It would be corny and wrong on a number of levels (I realize you aren't campaigning for this, but rather testing an idea objectively)
    Would Undertaker really want to go out and lose to a cat that's old can't AND whose quality of ring work is best left to the imagination?
    Who would invest in this match to see Undertaker lose to Sting at this point? Where's the payoff? Would Sting come out the next night and give us a feel good moment?
    Who'd actually to book Sting to win? Vince? HHH? Undertaker?

    There is some incentive to this having the match, but either have them tag or book Taker to win. As usual, WWE has booked themselves into a weird corner because of ego and the d*mn Monday Night Wars storyline.

    Edit: With Undertaker re-shuffling his gimmick (as seen with his ABA type ring attire), will their face to face garner a Rock/Hogan (or something close to it) nostalgic feeling?
    The more Undertaker humanizes himself and steps away from 'the Phenom', the more likely I'm convinced he's campaigning for a tag match with Sting as opposed to the nostalgia match.
    In fact, if I had to guess Undertaker's dream tag match it might be vs Kane and Big Show (whom Undertaker enjoys as a talent and has history with Sting himself)
  3. Hopefully this match doesn't happen, it will be a snooze fest.. Last thing i want to see is a 50+ year old Sting against the Undertaker.. No idea why people want to see it in 2016, it would of been great 15 year's ago, but not anymore... People are hyping this match up so much you're most definitely going to be disappointed when it happens.
  4. I actually don't care to see it anymore at this point either, this was just a gut feeling I had if it did still

    Realistically, John Cena would probably be the guy to go over Taker in Taker's final match if anyone did. I can see WWE loving the idea of Brock Lesnar and John Cena going down in history as the only two men to ever defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania since Brock is Brock and superior to everyone else, and Cena has been the face of the WWE brand for the past decade and counting. Of course, putting Cena over Taker in Taker's final match in his home state of Texas is hardly a good idea, but that's never stopped them from making a boneheaded move before.

    All and all, I think Undertaker and Sting both going into the Hall Of Fame next year and forming a team against someone at Wrestlemania itself is probably the way to go, but I have no idea who their opponents would be.
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