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Over the past week, everyone has simultaneously made fun of WWE for promoting a “FIST FIGHT” while also wondering what that even is. The promotion never did anything to clear up exactly what the rules are.

Now, The Wrap has the word:

The “Fist Fight,” which will be Monday’s main event, is no-holds-barred, no disqualification, no count-outs, no pinfalls and no submissions — a first in the industry, a WWE spokesman told TheWrap.

“The match ends when the referee declares that one team is no longer able to continue,” the spokesman said.
Perhaps the best part of The Wrap’s report is they make it clear that while the fight doesn’t end until everyone is knocked out, essentially, it’s not actually a fight like the Brawl-for-All was. As they put it it’s “still a scripted wrestling match — just one with unique stipulations and a cool name.”


Follow along with it all tonight right here.

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