Spoiler How the fuck does this return not have a thread yet?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. So The Rock showed up last night, I know I should be meh give his previous run but it's like Christmas even though you know Santa isn't real (sorry Stop) you still get hyped for Christmas day.
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  2. It's probably because he returned against Rusev. I mean of all people, Rusev? I'd rather he have a segment with the bunny.
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  3. I'm expecting a big bitch fest about how Rusev was buried and stuff despite being basic as fuck. Still though one of the goats Comes back and people give 0 fucks? I'm assuming this was a one night only return or does anyone know any different? Rock vs Brock for the strap at some point?
  4. I assume that he's only back for the 15th anniversary of Smackdown. If not, I still don't see him doing more than a Jericho-esque run this time around. If he'll be back for a couple of PPVs then it'd be nice to see him face Brock again, or put over a newer talent who's name isn't Rusev.
  5. Yeah I hope they've squashed the Rusev push too, guys decent in the ring sure but that's it imo. Brock obviously would be on a major show, possibly the Rumble? It'd be a cool moment to see Reigns and Rock interact after Roman wins the RR match and Rock gets beaten by Brock.
  6. Agreed about Rusev. As for Rock/Brock, there were a couple of reports a while ago that Vinny Mac and Triple H were butting heads about the WrestleMania ME. Vince really wanted Rock to take on Brock, but it seemed like just a fading hope since a Rock return didn't look likely. Now that he's back, I can see them going through with it while Reigns goes against someone like Cena/HHH before dethroning Brock/Rock at Extreme Rules.
  7. It may be because that's Dwayne Johnson and not The Rock.
  8. Kind of like saying you don't want a blowjob because it's called fellatio.
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  10. Lana went all limp legged at the sight of the people's strudel.

    Kudos to WWE for keeping this secret.
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  11. As funny as it was, it just looks like yet another attempt for the WWE to clutch at straws.
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  12. I flipped a nut when that music hit man lol. All I could think was "Fuck all you Rusev haters. He just got legitimized". I was wondering who they would put him up against next and boy was it a surprise.

    Nice thread title @seabs
  13. This was the best idea they've had recently.....idk if I would've used his return for Rusev....but I loved it....it's nice seeing the Rock coming back and fighting someone who doesn't have the belt. He's fighting for our country and to make a point. I love it. The Rock vs. Rusev would be fun to see. Having the Rock take down Rusev wouldn't be bad for him either. Anyone who can have a match with the Rock, win or lose, is in a good spot.
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  14. this wasn't a bad clutching for straws tho lol
  15. Didn't exactly make any sense as to why they brought him in for this. Especially since Big Job was involved before him.
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    Agreed, they seemed to be building a feud between him and show. Regardless, I loved it. Unexpected, gives Rusev a chance to look bigger, and hopefully him and The Rock fight at HIAC or something. This is the kind of feud that even when Rusev loses to the Rock, the fact that he made it to the level of fighting of the Rock is great. America represented by the Brama Bull and Russia with Rusev. Obviously, let the Rock come back at the Rumble and be at Mania....but a match with Rusev would be nice to help with ratings.
  17. Was awesome to be surprised by his return to the show.. not the only return too, I'm stoked for Edge and Christian's special highlight show for the 15th anniversary.
  18. I didn't know this was happening, sounds fantastic.
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  19. I lied.. well misunderstood what they said last night.. Apparently it was a special that they aired on the WWE Network after RAW last night.

  20. I marked out! Rocky totally owned Rusev and Lana!
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