How the Rock spends his money

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 24, 2013.

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  1. He buys Tamina a new car.

  2. Is it wrong that I would actually bang Tamina?
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  3. Not really. I wouldn't say no either. Sure she isn't the hottest diva on the roster but she isn't ugly either.
  4. There are two ways to look at 'would bang'

    #1 is the improbable hypothetical situation where the girl is coming on to you super hard, or even more she is just naked on your bed when you come home one day. That really opens it up for who falls into the 'bangable' category
    #2 is 'would bang' in the sense that I would make a concerted effort to get her to like me and trick the girl into thinking I care about them enough to have sex with me. This really narrows it down for me because I am lazy as fuck and hate the entire process of making hot girls feel comfortable enough to have sex with you

    For Tamina, she is easily bangable by category 1 standards, probably not for #2, especially if she weren't famous.
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  5. I laugh every time I see a picture of The Rock. The dude can make any picture hilarious just by posing.
  6. Very nice gift indeed.
  7. Pays to be on friendly terms with The Great One. Wish I was friends with someone rich. Would be nice to receive a car or some other high-priced item as a gift.

  8. Whatcha' want? I'll hook you up. :obama:

    Also, love Tamina's reaction. Priceless photo.
  9. With as much hate as Rock gets around here I'm surprised nobody has said "Oh yea, good guy rock of course has to tweet about his good deeds"
  10. Aside from Laura who hates him? He's been shit on for his crap workrate in matches sure but hate?
  11. That's a hell of a vertical leap she has :obama:
  12. Cloud, Leo and a few others talk about how they wish he would just go away.
  13. Tamina is most likely a beast in bed. Would be niiiiice :gusta:
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  14. Good job rock, my turn now...
  15. Why should he have to post it? He looks stupid, it would be better if Tamina tweet that, like thanking Dwayne. But Dwayne tweeting it makes me think he wants to say "I'm a good guy, I buy presents, and I have a lot of money, I bought her a Lexus"
  16. Why shouldn't he? If I bought a bitch a car, I'd be telling errybody.
  17. I wouldn't tweet it, if I bought a biatch a car I'd just shut up and if she posts it, cool, she thanks me for what I bought her
  18. haha I knew it would come
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  19. You're such an arrogant dick telling the world you'd be right, why must you post this?

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    I hope this shows how idiotic the whole Rock shouldn't have posted it is
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