How The Shield Could Break Up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. We all know The Shield are going to split soon,but, how? Now,I've thought of an idea of how they could break up. It could start at Money In The Bank where Rollins and Reigns help Ambrose to win the World Heavyweight Title Money In The Bank briefcase. This would lead Ambrose to gain a big ego and say that he's the leader of The Shield which would cause some problems between one another. The three would start having a struggle of power to see who the actual leader is which would lead to the group imploding around SummerSlam. This would make for a big summer angle and it would cause the three to separate to do their own thing which is something a lot of people want to see. What are your thoughts on this and do you have any ideas of your own on how The Shield could break up?
  2. Great angle but just one problem, why push Dean Ambrose that Quick?. It would be at the expense of pushing other talents who have been around for some time, such as Wade Barrett, who should win MITB. First of all, this storyline will work best if Ambrose has some kinda huge great storyline involving a feud(before that) with a top name like Triple H, but the shield will still be present. How about Dean Ambrose-Triple H to help Ambrose get over, This would help make Ambrose's push stronger. Then they can break up the shield by around middle of next year 2014, even if WWE doesn't use my idea, lets just hope WWE gives Ambrose a great push.
  3. wot?

    Also, having a group of three seperate will all three guys coming out looking strong is a near impossible. The best case scenario is that Reigns drops The Shield when he sees that they're no longer working as a unit to pursue solo mercenary work while Rollins and Ambrose feud to finally break up The Shield.
  4. I personally think they'll go the simple route, which is often the best route to take.

    The beginning of the end will come when they lose all the gold. When they first came to WWE, their thing was destroying everyone in six man tag team matches. It was their way of proving they were here to serve 'justice' (a gimmick that's all but been dropped but that's another story) and that no one could stop them, no matter what team of six guys was put together. But Daniel Bryan/Kane/Randy Orton did, and now so have Christian/The Usos. They're no longer unstoppable as a cohesive unit.

    But now they have the gold. Dean Ambrose is United States Champion and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are the Tag Team champions. Ambrose is even going after the briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship. What will happen IMO is that Ambrose will fail to get the case, and The Shield will eventually lose all the gold and fail to recapture it in subsequential rematches. That will be when the dissension starts, and it'll also be when their shield of invincibility (pun intended) will be broken, and then WWE superstars from the back will zone in on them and start gang attacking them, possibly taking them out one by one. This apparent incompetence to regain their stature as an undefeatable and fearsome trio will frustrate them and only make their dissension grow and it will somehow lead to their implosion and demise.

  5. But where do they go from there? Having them break up like that takes away credibility from all three members and leaves them all in the same position`as each other. If that's the case then what was the point in The Shield being so dominant? Sure, all three men have established themselves, but they won't be seen in the same light if Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder and Percy Watson can now defeat them.
    I agree with having them losing the belts to well built competition, but once the belts are gone that's the time to pull the trigger. It doesn't need to be drawn out with every WWE Superstar getting payback, the implosion should come from within e.g. Ambrose trying to convince Reigns that Rollins is the weak link. I think it's key to keep the break up between the three while they're all still somewhat credible because it makes it much easier for each member to establish themselves as a singles wrestler.
  6. I didn't mean they would start jobbing in matches after the attacks, just that when they're attacked by people from the locker room, they could all sell a kayfabe injury from the beat downs one at a time. Say The Shield get attacked but Ambrose and Reigns escape while Rollins doesn't; he can miss the next show selling the fact that the beat down was so severe that he can't compete and doesn't even show up. Then Reigns, then Ambrose. It looks like the locker room is literally outnumbering The Shield and putting them down one at a time.

    Showing them being taken out one by one might prove to be a tad bit unnecessary. It's not super important that they specifically go that route, it's just a cool way to stretch out The Shield finally becoming victims of gang attacks themselves over the course of three shows that builds to their break up. Then when they all three make a come back and we can see that things are clearly not going their way, that's when they implode. Either way, I do think it's only fitting that the prelude to their demise is them being outnumbered and jumped themselves in some way (maybe it happens two or three times, maybe only once, but it happens when they're all together as a group) since doing the same to so many others like a pack of wild wolves has been part of their whole gimmick. The equivalent would be if you had a whole bunch of people back in WCW attack the NWO in large numbers and then spray paint WCW on their backs. You're turning the tables against them.
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  7. Dean Ambrose will probably turn on both Seth and Roman
  8. The shield breaking up could start with Dean Ambrose winning the MITB case and successfully cashing it it and capturing the WHC mean while at the MITB kick of Rollins and Reigns will be defeated by the usous and Dean Ambrose will believe that the other two are just not good enough for him. He will leave and Rollins and Reigns will become the next main event tag team
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