How they gonna deal with Sheamus?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Sheamus in ER will be boo'd I'm sure of it against Daniel Bryan since it's in Chicago. Will they just do what they used to with Cena and not acknowledge the hate or will something different happen?
  2. I'm not expecting a great deal from Chicago tbh. They've never been brilliant outside out MITB imo so I doubt anything major will happen, I personally hope he gets booed out of the building because its funny when things go against Vince.
  3. He is going to brogue kick the shit out of 10-15 smarks who dare cross the Celtic Warrior
  4. Hmm. I don't think they'll hate Sheamus as much as u may think, but Daniel will def be cheered. Sheamus is Irish and luvs 2 drink. Ugh. He'll get along just fine
  5. I think they'll chant YES for everything Daniel Bryan does, say if he gives Sheamus a punch they'll shout 'YES', etc. However, I do expect Sheamus to be boo'd.
  6. Going to make sure I start a Sheamus sucks chant at E.R when he comes.
  7. The HEEL will be the FACE!
  8. So much win.

  9. Pull this off and I will tip my hat to you good sir as it'll be epic.
  10. I think he's going to be booed, but maybe not so hard. If he is I'll be sure to laugh though. I do predict lots of YES chants during their match, even if Sheamus isn't booed.
  11. Hopefully they will boot his ginger ass out the WWE.
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