How they messed up Ryback

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. When they brought in Ryback they went old school with him. He'd come out, squash some jobbers, and leave. I marked for that because that's how it was in the old days when they were trying to get someone over.

    Everything was going according to plan until they painted themselves into a corner with the booking. You have a champion on a major streak that you don't want to end, and a monster face on a streak that you don't want to end. Why in the hell would you not reserve that for a major PPV after Punk got to a year with the title?

    Having 2 PPVs in a row where Punk goes over dirty doesn't do anything for Punk, and lowers Ryback IMO. Have Ryback go or a mid title like the IC belt and have him dominate for a while until Punk has no choice but to give him a shot. It didn't look credible to have him in the main event without beating too many names to get there.

    Imagine Ryback as an undefeated IC champ with a 6 month reign, going against Punk, Champion vs Champion. That's how I would've done it, anyway. Thoughts?
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  3. am i the only one that thinks that a good long feud with cesaro for the US championship would help build both their careers?
  4. This would seem reasonable. They did book themselves into a corner hence making the John Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk match where Ryback doesn't get pinned. They should've thought about it beforehand and had Ryback go for the IC Championship instead like you've said and giving Kofi Kingston to CM Punk, that'd be the way I'd do it. Kofi Kingston would have a new experience, test him out, give him the opportunity and see those two get at it.
  5. Who would lose though? They both need to be booked strong at the moment. Neither one of them has lost clean since coming into the WWE.
  6. I´d say make cesaro lose, after a long feud, give the title to ryback and make him stay with him for a while, that would give more prestige to it, and move cesaro to bigger things

    you can still lose and look strong, if booked correctly
  7. Then they could have had Antonio Cesaro taking his rage out on other names such as Brodus Clay, The Great Khali, Hornswoggle and even attacking William Regal. Zack Ryder comes out for the save. Zack Ryder vs Antonio Cesaro in a feud. The legacy of Antonio begins, slowly upcoming the rankings.
  8. Ryback is shite, though.
  9. Fair enough, I just think Cesaro is doing something with the US title for the first time in a long time. I would leave it on him for a little while longer. Give Ryback the IC title and that brings balance to your mid card by having a heel US champ, and a face IC champ.


    Doesn't matter as long as he's over and Vince wants him at the top.
  10. They booked him correctly until they announced Ryback vs Miz. Up until then, iirc, they didn't jump the gun, they didn't do crap. But then Ryback destroyed the IC champ in less than 5 minutes. They should've put Ryback in a feud with Miz for two PPVs, then after a while he should feud with Show (extended feud as well) until he beat Show cleanly with Shell Shocked and such. In the process, they should add some more depth to his character as well. It would've been acceptable. Rushing someone to the ME never, never helps, they could've saved it if they stopped after HIAC. OK, Cena was hurt and Ryback covered for him, they tested him in the main event, now get him out of there. They didn't. Nice one Vince, you crapped on your new main eventer, congratulations.
  11. Pushed too fast, and now he's stuck in a corner. Definitely needed a slower build to help build his character and in-ring abilities better. It's not that he's in a bad spot right now, but he's certainly lost all his steam.
  12. Ryback sucks mostly but WWE's hand was forced by Cena's injury. I'm sure they would have fucked up his slown burn push soon anyway, but that gave them an excuse to.
  13. I think what they are doing with Big E Langston, is what they should have done with Ryback.
  14. I think Big E Langston should jump off a bridge and drop Ryback off at the midcard on his way down.
  15. WWE themselves were backed into a corner and Ryback was basically the only route to go, John Cena's injury caused that. However, he isn't messed up at all in my opinion, he's just been slightly damaged, it's not irreversible. I'm glad Ryback's undefeated streak was gotten rid of, he didn't need anything else for people to compare him to Goldberg. The only way they can ruin Ryback now is character wise, he needs to remain this loner who feeds on his opponent. All these random alliances with other faces is so fucking typical and it does my head in.
  16. As much as I'd like to see Lesnar/Ryback at WM, I just have a gut feeling it'll be team WWE including Ryback vs the Shield.
  17. with the shield losing :sad:
  18. Shield having their first big loss at WM makes sense, kayfabe wise. It could be the start of their slow-burn separation.
  19. Make sense. I'd agree to this.
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