How TNA can compete with WWE?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Interesting article listing three steps TNA needs to take to compete with WWE. Agree/disagree?

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  2. I'm no expert, but those three steps sound highly unrealistic. IMO, the only way TNA will ever compete with WWE is with some amazing innovation that will force people to watch or risk missing a piece of wrestling history (like the Austin/Vince feud). Which is, of course, easier said than done.
  3. They've had entertaining TV before and haven't risen above so Heyman won't grow the company, filming in the UK would be cool but won't help them grow either and signing a big wrestler is obvious but none is going to work with advertising TNA need to make a buzz out of these things otherwise they won't grow.
  4. TNA need to ensure that they keep a talent base coming through like they did with Roode, Aries etc.... This could be where they shine if they can keep high class talent coming through and with the company slowly but surely things will change. Its never gonna happen overnight it needs years or a massive investment of a billionaire to make it happen with speed.
  5. I agree with Laura. They need to do something innovative that gets people's attention. Not sure they can, though.

    Everyone seems to think they need a much more aggressive and smart marketing strategy. In the few times that I've bothered to flip over to Spike TV at all, I always usually see a commercial for Impact but the issue is that Spike TV is pretty flat in general as far as overall viewership goes. Maybe it would help reach more non-fans and turn them into regular hooked viewers if they went to a more popular channel.

    And I'm not delusional when it comes to Heyman's booking power (some think any company he got control over could be turned into a threat to WWE overnight) but he once took what should have been nothing more than a CZW-like company in most ways and made the kind of impact he did with it. I would be optimistic that a wiser and more experienced Heyman would be able to take TNA and do perhaps something innovative with it. Maybe not a WWF/WCW situation right away if ever but his creative mind being behind it certainly couldn't hurt. It almost happened in 2010 but Dixie didn't like his idea on firing most of the older legends (or at least transitioning them into non-wrestling roles or roles in promoting the company) and so it didn't happen.

    Not sure what else TNA could do... What they're doing right now obviously isn't making the audience grow. I think I might have to agree with the article that no matter what, WWE may be impossible to compete with. They've just been around with an established brand name for far too long. I've mentioned this before but even when WCW was pummeling WWF in the ratings, there was still a large portion of people who had respect for the WWF because of being the giant it was back from the 80's. There were wrestlers in WCW even during their two year run who still said (Jericho, for example) that their dream was to one day work for WWE. And this logic still applies today. Most guys coming up are gonna wanna work for the big company. And even after they end up in TNA, their goal is likely gonna be to one day make the jump to WWE. Didn't Austin Aries and Rob Terry both try to make the jump already? This also goes for indy wrestlers coming up. Most of the good ones are gonna be snapped up by WWE and those that aren't are gonna want to be.

    This isn't a knock on TNA, just the harsh reality for any non-WWE company at this point that wants to be a mainstream success.
  6. I agree with Laura too, they need something new that people like or enjoy not only feuds like now but a storyline that attracts the same or more than the Austin/McMahon storyline
  7. I'd agree with Laura, but how do you plan on catering fans that have never seen the product before?
    You'll gain some hundred to thousands of fans, but at the end of the day, it won't be a MAJOR game changer.
  8. I don't see why they need to.... WWE is a global powerhouse, TNA is a young company barely 10 years in doing amazing things in its own right.
  9. Yeah, that's true but think about the other fact is that ten years making great stuff should be enought to be at least a show that emits in America and Europe, I think they need something big to grow sooner or later...
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