How to be a football manager (i meant soccer you american nuts)

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  1. So i decided that im destined to be a football manager. With ferguson retiring, and moyes failing to take control this could be my big chance.

    I want to be a football manager, preferably in uk, coz people speak english there and respect the game + i love beer.

    How to start? How to get a fifa certified managing certificate or whatever you call it? How to approach clubs to be their managers?

    This is not a troll thread. Any help will be appreciated.

    I think that everyman should get a job he loves. And football is the 2nd love of my life after my crush. I have played for some 3rd division league teams professionally for a few months before quiting because football has no future and no money here in india. I still play for sunday league teams and stuff, if they need a good player they approach me and pay me to play a game for them.

    But i believe my knowledge about the game is far better than my playing skills. So i wanna try to be a manager. Any helps pls?
  2. Apply to any job openings available at a local club. Doing this will help you in gaining the needed experience. If paying jobs are not available, then volunteer in helping the youth team, which is also considered as experience.
    Learn. Learning from the general manager in the club could help you gaining knowledge about the sport.
    Watch the games. Watching games from a tactical point of view might be very helpful. Take into account what formations work well for different players.
    Apply for any professional degrees. Most professional coaching degrees are available online. Gaining a degree in any sport related major will increase your chances of being hired as a coach. Sports management is a great start to a career in sports management.
    Get certification. A professional certification from the local football association is needed if you are seriously considering becoming a pro
    Apply to the minimum certificate(usually labeled as 'C'). Apply to the local FA after gaining enough tactical knowledge about the game
    Apply for the 'B' certification. Only do this after a couple of months for your own sake, when you feel you really have an understanding of the game, and you feel comfortable managing a team.
    Apply for the 'A' certification. This will require a minimum of 120 hours of work with a club. Only send your application to the local FA when you are really serious about football management.
    Become a Pro. If you gain all the above certificates, then in ten years time, you will gain the 'Pro' certification. This certification will be your doorway to the professional football management world. This will be the start of your ladder to first division coaching
    • Be serious, becoming a football manager is a huge responsibility.
    • You may wish to take a undergraduate/postgraduate degree in Sports Management which would be an excellent basis for a career in football management. Other college majors suitable would be sports science or football management.
    • Being a previous pro player is a great basis to your career in football management.
    • Read and watch games a lot so you can focus on what formations or tactics are smart and well thought out.
    And now my own advice. Play FM
  3. Thx for the input, appreciate it.
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