How to book raw next week(july 1, 2013)

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  1. The open shows up with, then to the announce table. Three matche's are announced Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry. Plus Axel n punk take on Prime time players

    Usos beat 3mb, Usos win with the Submission in 6:10 secs, Usos. Shortly, Sheild appear after the match, and surround the ring then attack the USOs. Christian run downs to make the save, usos n Christians clean house.

    Backstage, Vickie Guerrero is talking to Brad madox, Stephanie McMahon interrupts. Wade Barrett shortly appears, asks why he wasn't put in the MITB money in the bank match. Vickie reminds Barrett that he has no. contender match for IC title at MITB tonight, Wade tells Vickie to not change the subject, what about mitb. Stephanie then tells wade if he doesn't beat miz tonight then, barrett can get a spot in the mitb. Barrett says I think that seems fair, thank you and leaves shortly. Just announced(announce table) Dean Ambrose will defend his United States at mitb against Christian.

    Randy Orton defeats antionio cesaro in 5:00

    John Cena is interviewed by Josh Mathews, what are your thoughts John cena on facing Mark Henry at mitb? do you think you will end up in Mark Henrys so-called ''Hall of Pain''?, John Smiles begins. Well, suddenly Mark Henry ambushes cena's. He pushes cena into wall then talks trash, then he pushes cena into boxe's. Mark Henry: That's what I do.

    no. 1 contender for IC title
    Miz defeats Wade Barrett in 5:48 with the figure four lock to become no. 1 contender for IC title, suddenly Curtis Axel music hits, Axel appears. Miz shows axel that he will become the IC champion.

    Alberto Del Rio joins JBL, cole and king at the announce table.
    Dolph Ziggler defeats Chris Jericho, in a great match, in 8:50. After the match Alberto Del Rio attacks Dolph Ziggler, applys the submission. Chris Jericho attacks Ricardo, then Ziggler does his finisher to alberto del rio. they clean house, after the match. Chris Jericho extends his hand to Dolph Ziggler, Dolph Ziggler shakes hands. Jericho leaves.

    kane defeats Damon Sandow in 5:20, suddenly music theme its . . . omg its Brya wyatt. The wyatt family come down to the ring and attack Kane, brya wyatt grabs the steel chair n gives a few shots to Kane. wyatt family look on.

    CM punk comes out and cuts a short promo . . .
    CM punk and Curtis Axel beat Prime time players 12:08. After the match, Paul heyman lifts CM punks hand in the hair along with Axel, but CM punk refuses and leaves.

    Ryback beats Tensai in 5:12

    Kaitlyn beat nikki bella in 4:40, shortly after the match AJ appears, AJ n Kaitlyn stare down.

    Daniel Bryan beat Mark henry with yes lock in 14:32. After the match, Mark Henry attacks Bryan, then puts him on the announce table. Mark Henry splashes him through the table, Mark Henry then takes out a table. John Cena runs only for Mark Henry to then throw in the steel steps then he splashes cena throw the table.
    Show ends with Mark Henry staring at Cena.
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