How To Bring Batista And Lesnar Back And Set Up A Feud For Them

Discussion in 'RAW' started by WarMachine, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. Now I know that both guys are coming back around the same time and I'm sure many would like to see a feud between the two. The first few weeks back for Lesnar, they could go the Mark Henry route with Khali, they could have Lesnar the night he comes back destroy Khali, then the next week, have Khali go after him again but then gets trapped in the Kimura Lock, breaking his arm. Release Khali shortly after that as he's useless (What should have happened after the Big Show chair shots because from what I know, Big Show had some kind of arm injury going into the match and a surgery not too long after that, and that would give a kayfabe explanation as to why he was out of the ring for a while, except without the release part) then keep Lesnar off for a week. Then the Fourth of July SmackDown, Rusev and Lana could go on about nobody being able to stop Rusev and they make a challenge to any American to come out for a brawl. Out comes Lesnar and they have a decent brawl with both men getting offense. Lesnar ends up annihilating Rusev. Then Batista's music hits and he's back. And there's one of your SS main events. Find a way to get the title involved and you have the main feud for the show.
  2. I don't know, I really don't want to see Batista anywhere near the main event, nor having a very serious character. Or as a babyface. He's great as a heel, preferrably as a lackey, and just being his wacky self while botching lines, spears, and ripping his pants open. Also making terrible wardrobe choices. That's the Dave I wanna see.
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  3. I agree with everything here, up until the point where you mention Batista... Bootista is shite and doesn't belong in the ME scene.
    For this thing to work (which I hope it never happens), they'd have to turn one of these two a babyface and we all know how well that worked for Dave when he came back. TBH, Bootista vs Lesnar would be a 'yawn fest', purely because he couldn't hang with Lesnar more than 5 minutes. Lesnar deserves a better and more interesting superstar to have a feud with.

    Plus, we all know how Brock's feuds have been 'well executed' these days. Just look at the latest feud with Taker, it was a disaster.

    Right now, I'm not really thrilled about Brock coming back. But, in all honesty, I'd like to see Cesaro/Lesnar or Reigns/Lesnar feud. When Brock comes back, he'll go straight for the title, it's inevitable. I just hope it's not at the same time Bryan's back 'cause that would mean DBry would be dropping the WWE-WHC to Lesnar way too soon.
  4. They're building up Rusev as a monster. They're not gonna undermine all of that by having Lesnar come out and destroy him.

    And I have zero interest in a Brock versus Batista program. I know a heel-on-heel feud is always an option, but the prospect of one between these two doesn't excite me at all, and I doubt the fans will be anymore willing to accept Batista as a babyface when he returns as they were earlier in the year. They want Lesnar to still have a ton of heat due to being the Streak-Killer so booking him against another babyface would be ideal.
  5. Why would you waste Lesnar on Khali, Rusev or Batista? The best thing for WWE now is for Lesnar to return in January, win the title at the Rumble, and drop it at Mania to Reigns/Cesaro/Bryan. Any Lesnar summer feud would suck and be a waste of his dates.
  6. :meh:I very much rather not see Lesnar feud with Batista.
  7. Does Khali still draw anymore.. when he does show up.?
    I'm curious as to why he wasn't cut :emoji_slight_frown:

    As for Batista, bring him into the Tag Divsion or stick him in the midcard to help put people over.. I think he needs to stay away from the main event scene when he comes back (granted that will most likely not happen).

    Lesnar should be brought back in a hail of fury, after ending the streak there has to be big things set for Lesnar.
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  8. Lesnar is feuding with Ryder. Fact.
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  9. Find me stats of Ryder and tell me he isn't top 3 closest physically to Bork on the roster. Total package, don't bother with chests, beards, or steroids.
  10. :woo:

    Dude can't even get booked in his own home town, yet he's next in line to challenge Brock Lesnar?
  11. ....You sure you just aren't reading the same news from 2012? Vince shits on him all day.

    Read, the, post. Name me 3 guys who could legit stand next to Lesnar better than him. If you use Cena you can go straight to the Attitude Era, but won't pass go or collect $200.
  12. lol wut

    I thought you were joking, not seriously advocating that Zack Ryder could actually get a match with Brock Lesnar somewhere down the road. We both know the closet he'll ever get to ring time with Lesnar is if Brock randomly beats the fuck out of somebody again because he's in the mood or because he's pissed about something and Ryder just happens to be the one standing in the ring at the time. It doesn't matter what Ryder looks like standing next to Lesnar, the fact is his gimmick and booking don't make him a credible threat to Brock at all.
  13. Of course i'm joking - Ryder could get CM Punk loud chants at home and no one would even let him out there to job.

    Again though, Physically how many guys have the look Ryder does? Titus i'll give you.

  14. Booking isn't dude's fault.
  15. Cena, Sheamus, Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins, Ziggler, Rusev, Khali, etc. ADR isn't as ripped, but he's at least taller.
  16. Rollins is more physically intimidating? Khali looks like Andre the giant sitting on horneswaggles shoulders in a pair of sweatpants. ADR? Ziggler!?

    Rusev i'll give you for size and what he is strong in, Sheamus lol, Rollins and Ambrose? No. Cena? Did you read my other post?

    I get the booking hate, and the character hate, but some of those names you chose make me wonder why you left RVD off the list.
  17. I wasn't aware you were asking me who was more physically intimidating, just who's physique could match up to Ryder's. In that case, yes, Rollins, Ambrose, Sheamus, Ziggler and Khali all definitely deserve a mention. If I were forced to confront Zack Ryder in a real-life fight, I wouldn't feel any more threatened by him than I would any of these other gentlemen. How exactly is Ryder any more threatening than Rollins and Ambrose? Ambrose is arguably as tall and big in muscle mass as Austin was. You're saying you would be just as hesitant to get into a fight with Ryder as you would with Stone Cold in his prime?
  18. You are calling yourself the general standard for what you define as badass.
  19. How is that? I didn't post my size, height or fighting experience, nor did I say I would be ready and willing to jump into a fight with a pro wrestler. I simply stated that I wouldn't be any more afraid of Ryder than I would any of the people that I named, most of whom you laughed off (for whatever reason) as being inferior to Ryder in terms of size and physique.
  20. " How exactly is Ryder any more threatening than Rollins and Ambrose? Ambrose is arguably as tall and big in muscle mass as Austin was. You're saying you would be just as hesitant to get into a fight with Ryder as you would with Stone Cold in his prime?"

    Stone Cold in his prime couldnt fuck up Mark Henry let alone Y2J in a real fight IMO. You walk into a locker room and are chosen a fight with ADR, Khali, Ziggler, Cena, or any of the other stars you chose, and you choose Ryder?
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