Other How to Create an Awesome (Harmless) Computer Virus Prank!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Ricky Daniels, Sep 16, 2016.

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    If you are like me and interested in computers and the virus that destroy your extensive cat photo collection or your collection of night in Chyna videos, you might want to do a harmless prank on a colleague, friend or family member who knows nothing about computers. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS!!! This is just a prank and all you have to is change a few text so you can put what you want in to fool your victim.

    For the example I will provide I will use a Banking theme and also a tech support dream (Wirus' and Secure Servers). I will also paste some added information to customise your prank.

    The basic code is here:
    X=MsgBox("Wirus detected, Press Ok to start back up.",0+16,"Wirus Detected")
    X=MsgBox("Do you use this computer for banking?",4+16,"Wirus Detected")
    X=MsgBox("Please may you enter your pin for secure server protection for your files.",4+16,"Wirus Detected")
    Dim message
    message=InputBox("Please type ypur four digit Personal Identification Number?”,”Secure Server Back Up")
    X=MsgBox("Thank you! Would you like to use Syskey Antiwirus 2016 Pro Edition?",4+16,"Wirus Detected")

    To make this work you need to open notepad in WIndows, Secondly copy the above text, then save as fakewirus.vbs and make sure you add ALL FILES instead of txt document. The reason you do this is so you can later change the icon to make your victim fall for the prank.

    If you want to change the warning icon or which buttons can be pressed then find them below:
    32 warning query icon.
    48 warning message icon
    64 information message icon

    0 normal message box
    4906 always stays on top of desktop

    16 critical message icon
    0 OK button only
    1 OK and cancel buttons
    2 abort, retry, and cancel buttons
    3 yes, no , and cancel buttons
    4 yes and no buttons
    5 retry and cancel buttons

    Have fun and remember its just a prank bro. (I know this is a computer thing but I thought I will share it for you guys to prank others with, I might do some others.) I also attached the file below so you can download it and just run it, I will add updated versions as I update mine.

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